Center of Competence Communications Workshop on 5G Mobile Technology

Expertise on the Fifth Generation of Mobile Technology (5G) is available in the research groups of the TUM Center of Competence on Communications (TUM-COM). To foster research cooperation and knowledge transfer within TUM-COM we organized a 5G workshop that took place at Hotel Traube in Stilfs, South Tyrol, Italy on March 16-18, 2016. The workshop was open to all members and doctoral candidates of TUM-COM. The event was sponsored by the Faculty Graduate Center EI.

Preliminary Program

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

7:45 Meeting at the north gate (Nordschranke) in front of building N6
8:00 Bus departure
12:00 Arrival in Stilfs and room check-in
14:00 Introduction
14:30 Tutorial 1 Dr. Georg Böcherer (LNT) – Polar Codes: A Candidate for 5G?
15:20 Coffee break
Poster session 1
Simon Adrian (HFT) – How to Precondition Integral Equations and to Turn them into Hermitian, Positive Definite Systems by using Graph Laplacians
Marcin Iwanow (MSV/Huawei) – Some Aspects of Hybrid Wideband Transceiver Design for mmWave Communication Systems
Patrick Schulte (LNT) – Constant composition distribution matching for 5G
16:40 Coffee break
Poster session 2
Amir Ahmadian (LNT/Nokia) – Low Complexity Moore-Penrose Inversion for Large CoMP Areas with Sparse Massive MIMO Channel Matrices
Stefan Dierks (LNT) – EIRP Constraints for Massive MIMO Arrays
Andrei Nedelcu (LNT) – No Cell MIMO vs Small Cells for 5G
19:00 Dinner

Thursday, March 17, 2016

7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Discussions, Networking within Center of Competence Communication
15:50 Tutorial 2 Prof. Josef A. Nossek (NWS) – Physically Consistent Modelling of Communication Systems
16:40 Coffee break
Poster session 3
Hela Jedda (NWS) – Transmit signal processing for massive MIMO systems using 1-bit quantization
Kilian Roth (NWS/Intel) – Channel Capacity Comparison of mmWave Receiver Concepts
Markus Staudacher (LNT) – 1 Bit Massive MIMO Transmitter
Fabian Steiner (MSV) – Computing the Achievable Rate of Different (Massive-) MIMO detection schemes
19:00 Dinner

Friday, March 18, 2016

7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Tutorial 3 Prof. Georg Sigl (SEC) – Security in Future 5G Systems
9:50 Coffee break
Poster session 4
Murat Gürsu (LKN) – Link Layer Approach for Reliable Low-Latency Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
David Neumann (MSV) – CDI Rate-balancing with Per-base-station Constraints
Mikhail Vilgelm (LKN) – Resource Allocation for Massive Access Prioritisation in LTE-A and beyond
Samuele Zoppi (LKN) – System concept and implementation of next generation wireless M2M communications
11:10 Conclusions
12:00 Bus departure to Munich

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