2019 Workshop on Coding, Cooperation, and Security in Modern Communication Networks (COCO)

On October 28-29, 2019, the 2019 Workshop on Coding, Cooperation, and Security in Modern Communication Networks (COCO 2019) will take place at the TUM Institute for Communications Engineering. This event is part of a German Israeli Project Cooperation of TUM and Ben Gurion University supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Workshop Chairs:
Gerhard Kramer, Antonia Wachter-Zeh (TUM), Haim Permuter, Moshe Schwartz (BGU)

Local Organization:
Diego Lentner, Hedongliang Liu, Nicole Rossmann, Christin Wizemann, Robert Schetterer, Erika Herian

Topics of interest

  • Coding and Cooperation
  • Machine Learning and Information Theory
  • Security and Privacy
  • Shannon Theory

Confirmed Participants (54)

  • Thomas Marzetta (NYU)
  • Ziv Aharoni, Han Cai, Ben Marinberg, Haim Permuter, Moshe Schwartz, Eli Shmuel, Omer Sholev, Hengjia Wei (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
  • Hannes Bartz, Federico Clazzer, Thomas Jerkovits, Andrea Munari (DLR)
  • Ferhad Askerbeyli, Samer Bazzi, Ronald Boehnke, Najeeb Ul Hassan, Onurcan Iscan, Tobias Laas, Michail Palaiologos, Muhammed Yusuf Sener, Wen Xu (Huawei)
  • Giuseppe Caire (Technical University of Berlin)
  • Haider Al Kim, Donia Ben Amor, Christian Deppe, Delcho Donev, Roberto Ferrara, Anna Frank, Javier Garcia, Andrea Grigorescu, Michael Joham, Mari Kobayashi, Gerhard Kramer, Wafa Labidi, Benedikt Leible, Diego Lentner, Andreas Lenz, Hedongliang Liu, Georg Maringer, Lars Palzer, Daniel Plabst, Tobias Prinz, Julian Renner, Mohammad Javad Salariseddigh, Patrick Schulte, Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Lorenz Welter, Thomas Wiegart, Moritz Wiese, Marvin Xhemrishi, Peihong Yuan (Technical University of Munich)
  • Ilya Smagloy (Technion)
  • Krishna Narayanan (Texas A&M University)


Monday 28.10.2019  
8:30 Arrival (Room N2408)  
8:50 Welcome  
9:00 MIMO Session 1 Chair: Gerhard Kramer
  Tom Marzetta Fundamentals of Wireless Power Transfer  (45 min.)
  Michael Joham Bilinear Equalization and Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems
10:15 Coffee Break  
10:45 MIMO Session 2 Chair: Tom Marzetta
  Giuseppe Caire How to Exploit Spatial Correlation for Efficient FDD Massive MIMO
  Omer Sholev MIMO Detection
11:45 Student Session 1 Chair: Antonia Wachter-Zeh
  Haider Al Kim Error Correction for Partially Stuck Memory Cells
  Hengjia Wei Nearly Optimal Robust Positioning Patterns
12:30 Lunch in Mensa  
14:15 Student Session 2 (N2407) Chair: Moshe Schwartz
  Eli Shmuel Capacity of Channels With Memory and Feedback and State Knowledge at the Encoder
  Hedongliang Liu Bounds on Vector Solutions of Generalized Combination Networks
  Han Cai On Optimal Locally Repairable Codes with Super-Linear Length
15:15 Coffee Break  
15:45 Student Session 3 Chair: Hannes Bartz
  Julian Renner Decreasing Key Sizes of A Rank-Metric Based Cryptosystem
  Georg Maringer Using Error Correcting Codes for Lattice Based Cryptosystems
  Moritz Wiese Semantic Security (30 min.)
17:00 Work Session  
18:30 Dinner at Löwenbräukeller  
Tuesday 29.10.2019
9:00 Invited Session (N2408) Chair: Haim Permuter
  Krishna Narayanan Coding for Distributed Computing
  Moshe Schwartz Hierarchical Erasure Correction for Scalar Codes
10:00 Student Session 4 Chair: Roberto Ferrara
  Peihong Yuan Polar Codes for Wire-Tap Channels
  Diego Lentner Information-theoretical Limits of Stealth Communication
10:40 Coffee Break  
11:10 Student Session 5 Chair: Krishna Narayanan
  Christian Deppe Unidirectional Errors
  Mohammad Javad Salariseddigh Identification
  Ziv Aharoni Looking for the Capacity of the Ising Channel with a Large Alphabet
12:10 Lunch in Mensa  
13:30 Student Session 5 (N2408) Chair: Christian Deppe
  Ben Marinberg Channel Estimation Using 3D Deep CNN
  Thomas Wiegart Shaping for Intensity Modulation and Direct Detection
14:10 Coffee Break  
14:40 Poster Session (N2407)  
  Javier Garcia & Benedikt Leible Clustering Algorithm for Detection in the Discrete Nonlinear Fourier Spectrum
  Lars Palzer One-Bit Compressed Sensing by Convex Relaxation of the Hamming Distance
  Andreas Lenz Achieving the Capacity of the DNA Storage Channel
  Lorenz Welter On Deletion-Substitution Error Correcting Codes
  Marvin Xhemrishi List Decoding of Short Codes for Communication over Unknown Fading Channels
16:30 Goodbye  

Hotel Recommendation


  • The talks in the morning will be given in the seminar room N2408.
  • The sessions in the afternoon will take place in the room N2407.

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