Seminar on Optical Communications

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionEnglish
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By participating in this course, the students are able to familiarize with a scientific topic and summarize its core aspects. They can write scientific articles with appropriate structure and can present the core aspects in a short talk. Students have developed a general understanding about research and about contributing to a scientific discussion.


This seminar treats current research developments in the area of Optical Communications (e.g. optical carrier modulation and detection, linear and nonlinear properties of optical channels and subsystems, optical fibers and waveguides, linear / nonlinear equalization, ...). Students select their own topic out of a list which is updated every semester. Each participant summarizes results, gives a scientific presentation and participates in a scientific discussion.


- The module Optical Communication Systems (EI5075) should be completed successfully - complementary module Digital Signal Processing for Optical Communication Systems (EI71067) is highly recommended

Teaching and learning methods

Every participant works on her/his own scientific task. Each student obtains dedicated supervision by a scientific employee, who introduces the student into scientific literature research and gives guidelines in writing the report. An introductory lecture provides basic concepts of scientific talks.


- Written thesis about results (30%) - 20 minute oral presentation about given topic & results plus 10 minutes discussion (50%) - own contributions in discussion (20%)


Verfügbare Arbeiten

Das "Seminar on Optical Communications" wird zusammen mit dem "Seminar on Coding and Cryptography" und dem "Seminar on Digital Communications" organisiert und abgehalten.

Verfügbare Arbeiten finden Sie unter Seminar Themen​​​​​​​.