2018 Munich Doctoral Seminar on Communications (MSC)

The 2018 Munich Doctoral Seminar on Communications takes place on July 19-20, 2018. The seminar consists of invited talks in the areas of information theory, coding and communications, and several poster sessions. We look forward to seeing you in Munich!


Prof. Han Vinck (Univ. Duisburg-Essen)
Prof. Frans M.J. Willems (TU Eindhoven)

TUM Researchers:
Ali Rana Amjad, Amir Ahmadian, Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Benedikt Leible, Christian Deppe, Delcho Donev, Fabian Steiner, Gerhard Kramer, Ginni Khanna, Hedongliang Liu, Joachim Hagenauer, Julian Renner, Lars Palzer, Lukas Holzbaur, Marcin Pikus, Mari Kobayashi, Markus Staudacher, Minglai Cai, Onur Günlü, Patrick Schulte, Peihong Yuan, Sebastian Baur, Sven Punchinger, Tasnad Kernetzky, Thomas Wiegart, Tobias Fehenberger, Tobias Prinz, Wafa Labidi

Patrick Schulte, Gerhard Kramer

Workshop Program

Thursday 19.07.2018
TimeSpeakerTalk Title
9:15Patrick & GerhardWelcome
9:25Onur GünlüPositive Rate in the Multiple Round Key Agreement Problem
9:50Lukas HolzbaurPrivate Streaming with Convolutional Codes
10:15Tobias FehenbergerMultiset-Partition Distribution Matching
10:40Poster Session 1 & Coffee
13:15Han Vinck (Univ. Duisburg-Essen)Information Theory and Powerline Communications: Some Aspects
14:00Coffee Break
14:25Sven PuchingerTwisted Codes in the McEliece Cryptosystem
14:50Tasnad KernetzkyOptical Waveguide Modes and How to Compute Them
15:15Poster Session 2 & Coffee


Friday 20.07.2018
TimeSpeakerTalk Title
9:25Mari KobayashiJoint State Sensing and Communication: Optimal Tradeoff for a Memoryless Case
10:05Antonia Wachter-ZehChallenges of Post-Quantum Cryptography
10:40Poster Session 3 & Coffee
13:15Frans Willems (TU Eindhoven)
14:00Coffee Break
14:25Marcin Pikus

Multi-Composition Distribution Matching
14:50Ali Rana AmjadCo-clustering via Information Theoretic Markov Aggregation


Poster Sessions


Poster SessionSpeakerPoster Title
Session 1Lars Palzer
Patrick Schulte Joint FEC and shaping code decoding for Probabilistic Amplitude Shaping
Benedikt Leible Soliton Transmission with 5 Eigenvalues over 2000km of Raman-Amplified Fiber
Sebastian BaurSecure Storage for Identification
Fabian SteinerBlind Decoding-Metric Estimation for Probabilistic Shaping via Expectation Maximization
Session 2

Ginni Khanna

Digital pre-distortion for optical transponders
Markus StaudacherOrthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation
Delcho DonevSurface and Intersection Area of Spherical Caps on a n-dimensional Hypersphere
Thomas WiegertPolar Code Design for Parallel Channels
Minglai CaiMessage Transmission over Classical Quantum Channels with a Jammer with Side Information: Message Transmission Capacity and Resources
Session 3Julian RennerRepairing the Faure-Loidreau Public-Key Cryptosystem
Tobias PrinzSuccessive Cancellation List Decoding of BMERA Codes
Peihong YuanFlexible IR-HARQ Scheme for Polar-Coded Modulation
Wafa LabidiLDPC Decoding for Constant Composition Subcode
Hedongliang LiuLocality in Crisscross Error Correction


Workshop Venue

The talks will take place in Room N2408 (2nd Floor), Building N4, TUM main campus at Theresienstrasse 90, 80290, Munich.