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M.Sc. Constantin Runge

Technische Universität München

Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik (Prof. Kramer)


Theresienstr. 90
80333 München


I am temporarily in room N4404 instead of room N3409.


  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik der TUM seit Oktober 2021
  • M.Sc. in Elektro- und Informationstechnik an der TUM, 2019 - 2021
  • B.Sc. in Elektro- und Informationstechnik an der TUM, 2015 - 2019


  • Distribution Matching and Probabilistic Shaping
  • Coding for Multi-user Scenarios
  • Coded Modulation
  • Theory of Modern Channel Coding
  • Information Theory and its Applications


  • Advanced Topics in Communications Engineering: Lossless Source Coding (SS22)
  • Multi-user Information Theory (SS23)
  • Seminar on Digital Communications (WS23/24)
  • Nachrichtentechnik 1 für TUM Asia (SS24)
  • Wireless Communications Laboratory (SS24)


Angebotene Abschlussarbeiten

Laufende Abschlussarbeiten

Vector Quantization with Convolutional Codes




Polar Codes for Stealth Communication




Construction of Shaped Polar Codes for List Decoding


We investigate code construction algorithms for SC list decoding of polar codes [1] based on methods like [2].



Entropy Estimation and Compression Scheme for Wildfire Detection


We apply information-theoretic perspectives from rate-distortion theory to optimize wildfire notifications from earth observation satellites.


Constantin Runge - Martin Lülf (OroraTech GmbH)

Lattice coding for AWGN channels


For rate-optimal transmission over the AWGN channel Shannon showed that a Gaussian distributed channel input is required. This poses problems for digital implementations, where symbols are necessarily quantized. One solution to this is coded modulation via lattice coding. Lattice coding creates code code books by quantizing continuous space into periodic regions.

The student's task is to understand lattice transmission schemes (c.f. [1], [2], [3], [4]) and in particular the schemes from [5], summarize the important concepts of lattice coding, and give an explanation of how these coding schemes achieve capacity over the AWGN channel.

These types of communication schemes are also important in certain information theoretic security scenarios, in particular on the so-called wiretap channel, on which the student is free to focus instead.

[1] Conway, Sloane 1982 - Voronoi regions of lattices, second moments of polytopes, and quantization. DOI: 10.1109/TIT.1982.1056483
[2] Conway, Sloane 1983 - A fast encoding method for lattice codes and quantizers. DOI: 10.1109/TIT.1983.1056761
[3] Forney 1989 - Multidimensional constellations. 2. Voronoi constellations. DOI: 10.1109/49.29616
[4] Calderbank, Ozarow 1990 - Nonequiprobable Signaling on the Gaussian Channel. DOI: 10.1109/18.53734
[5] Erez, Zamir 2004 - Achieving 0.5log(1+SNR) on the AWGN Channel With Lattice Encoding and Decoding. DOI: 10.1109/TIT.2004.834787


  • Information Theory
  • Introduction to Channel Coding
  • Introduction to Coded Modulation helpful but not required


Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

  • Distribution Matching with Quantised Trellises, Engineering Internship
  • Hard-Decision Decoding of Polar Codes, Engineering Internship
  • Hard-Decision List Decoding of Polar Codes, Bachelor's Thesis
  • Quantized Enumerative Sphere Shaping, Bachelor's Thesis
  • Investigation of Improved Decoding for Polar Coded Shaping, Research Internship
  • Polar Coded Shaping Scheme for IR-HARQ, Master's Thesis
  • Probabilistic Shaping with Low-Density Graph Codes and Message Passing, Master's Thesis



  • Runge, C.: Polar Shaped Hamming Codes. Joint Workshop on Communications and Coding (JWCC), 2023 mehr…
  • Runge, C.: List Decoding for Polar-Coded Probabilistic Shaping. European School of Information Theory (ESIT), 2023 mehr…
  • Runge, C.; Wiegart, T.; Lentner, D.: Improved List Decoding for Polar-Coded Probabilistic Shaping. 12th International Symposium on Topics in Coding (ISTC), IEEE, 2023Brest, France mehr… Volltext ( DOI )


  • Runge, C.: Channel Polarization, Probabilistic Shaping, and Binning. Munich Doctoral Seminar on Communications, 2022 mehr…
  • Runge, C.: Polar Distribution Matching with Hard Constraints. European School of Information Theory (ESIT), 2022 mehr…
  • Runge, C.; Wiegart, T.; Lentner, D.; Prinz, T.: Multilevel Binary Polar-Coded Modulation Achieving the Capacity of Asymmetric Channels. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), 2022Espoo, Finland mehr… Volltext ( DOI )


  • Runge, C.: Higher-Order Polar-Coded Modulation for Asymmetric Channels. 2021 mehr… Volltext (mediaTUM)
  • Runge, C.: Higher-Order Polar Coded Modulation with Arbitrary Probabilistic Shaping. Ferienakademie 2021: Advanced Topics in Information Theory and Communications, 2021Sarentino, Italy mehr…