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M.Sc. Andreas Straßhofer

Technische Universität München

Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik (Prof. Kramer)


Theresienstr. 90
80333 München


SS2023: Channel Codes for Iterative Decoding

WS2023/24: Information Theory, Basic Laboratory Course on Telecommunications, Communications Laboratory

SS2024: Channel Codes for Iterative Decoding, Basic Laboratory Course on Telecommunications

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Decoder Design for Precoded Polar Product Codes


The aim of this thesis is to enhance decoding algorithms for precoded polar product codes. We make use of successive cancellation list (SCL) decoding to generate reliability information and scale it based on the maximization of generalized mutual information.


Andreas Straßhofer

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  • Straßhofer, Andreas: Density Evolution of Chase-Pyndiah Decoding. 20th Joint Workshop on Communications and Coding, 2023 mehr…
  • Straßhofer, Andreas; Lentner, Diego; Liva, Gianluigi; Graell i Amat, Alexandre: Soft-Information Post-Processing for Chase-Pyndiah Decoding Based on Generalized Mutual Information. International Symposium on Topics in Coding, 2023 mehr…