Workshop on Information Theory and Related Fields

In Memory of Ning Cai

Sadly, our esteemed colleague and friend Ning Cai passed away on 25th May, 2023. For this reason, Ingo Althöfer, Holger Boche, Christian Deppe, Jens Stoye, Ulrich Tamm, Andreas Winter, and Raymond Yeung have organised the “Workshop on Information Theory and Related Fields” in memory of Ning Cai at the Bielefeld ZiF (Center for Interdisciplinary Research) from 24th November to 26th November, 2023.

Paper Submission(Deadline: End of February)

We are are preparing an extended version of lecture notes for Computer science (LNCS). Scientifc texts and memorial texts are welcome for submission. For submission please follow the submission link:


Many thanks to all participants who made this workshop a successful event.


The organizers acknowledge the financial support by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the program “Souverän. Digital. Vernetzt.”, joint project 6G-life, project identification number: 16KISK002