Virtualization Techniques (IN2125) (Lecture)

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Josef Weidendorfer
TermWintersemester 2020/21
Language of instructionEnglish
DatesSee TUMonline


- Classification of Virtual Machines - Operating System Virtualization - ISA Virtualization - Interpretation - Binary Translation - Dynamic Optimization - Process Virtual Machines - high-Level Language Virtual Machines - HW/SW-Codesign Virtual Machines - System Virtual Machines - Multiprocessor Virtualization - Applications

This lecture will be held in English.

Email Lecturer: Josef Weidendorfer

Time: Every Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:30 (15 min break in the middle).

The lecture will be given as online Zoom meeting. The link will be distributed to participants via EMail. (We may move to presence with live streaming using FMI 00.13.009A. For presence, you need to have the written Ok from the lecturer to be allowed to enter the room.)

First lecture: Wednesday, November 4, 2020. Last lecture: February 3, 2021.


The written exam will take place at March 1, 2021. Time: 11:00.

NEW (9.2.21): We will do an online exam using Artemis. All registered students will be sent an email with directions, including a test exam a week before to check the tech.

Old original text (just for reference, now invalid) : Current plan is presence exam in room PH 2501 (physics building). Please be there 15 minutes before. Duration: 75 minutes. An example exam from WS10/11 can be found here (exam will be 75 minutes not 60 minutes as this one from WS10/11).


During the semester, instead of the lecture, there will be 3 labs spanning the timeframe of one lecture each, with date announced in advance. Topics for the labs are getting insights into the working of a process VM, Java JVM, and a system VM.


Date Topic Comments / Material
Nov 4 Organization Slides Organization, Slides Intro
Recording (partial), Whiteboard with VM products
Nov 11 Introduction Slides ISA Emulation, Homework 1, Recording
Nov 18 Introduction (2) Recording
Nov 25 ISA Emulation Homework 2, Generator for Homework 2, Reconrding,
NEW (9.2.21): Example solution for Homework 2 
Dec 2 ISA Emulation (2) Recording (without discussion of Homework 2 subtask 1)
Dec 9 Lab 1: Valgrind Task Sheet, IISWC-2006 Tutorial Slides,
Valgrind 3.16.1 sources, Observer tool skeleton patch, Solution
Dec 16 ISA-Emulation (3) Solution Homework 2 Tasks 1+2, Recording
Dec 23 (cancelled)  
Jan 13 ProcessVMs (1) Slides ProcessVMs, Recording
Jan 20 ProcessVMs (2), HLL-VMs Slides HLL-VMs, Recording
Jan 27 HLL-VMs (2), System-VMs (1) Slides System-VMs, Recording
Feb 3 System-VMs (2) Recording - This marks the end of content for the exam
Feb 10 SystemVM Lab / Exam Q & A Lab task sheet, LGuest paper,
Recording last slides of System-VMs (not relevant for exam)
Mar 1 Exam Probably online (see above)

Student Presentations

Should be 15-20 min. Topics can be motivation/techniques/benchmarks of existing VM implementations, for example (also propose your own!): related to Process-VMs: QEmu, Rosetta, related to OS-level virtualisation: Docker, Singularity. Related to HLL-VM: platform (bytecode) used in Python, .NET related to System-VMs: Xen, KVM

Planned Presentations:

  • Dec 16, 2020: Docker
  • Jan 13, 2021: Python Byte Code, Rosetta (2)