Research Focus Areas

The CAPS chair covers a broad range of research focus aras in computer architecture, parallel processing and hardware-oriented applications and optimizations:

High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • HPC System and Node Architectures
  • Heterogeneous Architectures and Accelerators
  • Parallel Programming Models and Runtimes
  • Parallel System Software and Resource Management
  • Power/Energy Aware HPC
  • HPC in hybrid cloud environments
  • HPC Monitoring and Tools

Co-Design and Hardware Oriented Optimization

  • Optimization of numerical methods
  • Co-Design techniques and tools
  • Parallel in time methods 
  • Electric field simulation
  • Accelerated computing
  • Data analytics applications on HPC systems


Quantum Computing Architectures

  • Integration of QC and HPC
  • Hybrid HPC/QC applications
  • Unified HPC/QC software stack
  • Use of HPC for optimizing Quantum Systems
  • Quantum programming and architectural control 


Edge Architectures 

  • Embedded computer systems and system software
  • RISC-V platforms for Edge Systems
  • Machine Learning on the Edge and in Space
  • System Architectures for Space Missions
  • Applications to the energy grid 

Cloud und IoT Architectures

  • Topology-aware Autoscaling of microservices
  • Function-as-a-Service on Heterogeneous Systems
  • Edge computing for energy efficiency
  • Intelligent battery powered sensors
  • On-demand services for autonomous cars
  • Architecture-aware scheduling across cloud, edge, sensors
  • AIOPs for the cloud


Ethics Aspects of Computing