Hardware and Infrastructure

Our chair maintains a (continuously growing) research testbed, which can also be used for student projects. In addition to this testbed, it is further possible to get access to compute systems at the LRZ, like SuperMUC-II or (soon) SuperMUC-NG.

CAPS Cloud

CAPS Cloud is the collection of hardware infrastructure for research purposes. It consists a set of Servers, Workstations and Machines with highly configurable settings. The main purpose of CAPS Cloud is to accelerate and support our research in various fields. In addition, some of the machines can be used as a testbed before deploying application to large-scale system like SuperMUC.


HimMUC is a flexible cluster of ARM devices consisting of 40 Raspberry Pi 3 and 40 ODroid C2 single board computers (SBC). The cluster is used for teaching (practical course low-level programming for games development) as well as for research and evaluations.


Xilinx Virtex VC707

The FPGA is the largest of out boards. It has 1 GiB DDR3 memory and several hardware components. Communication is possible using the UART or PCI connection of the attached computer (fpga1).

Xilinx Artix Arty A7-100T

Xilinx Artix Arty A7-35T

Terasic DE0-Nano-SoC Kit

This board has an Altera Cyclone V SE FPGA as well as a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. The processor is equipped with 1 GiB DDR3 RAM and Ethernet.


SiFive HiFive 1 RISC-V Board

We have several HiFive1 RISC-V boards (RV32IMAC ISA) available for experiments with the new processor architecture.