This lecture will be held in English.

Microprocessors (IN2075) (Lecture)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermWintersemester 2018/19
Language of instructionEnglish
DatesSee TUMonline

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Students are taught both detailed hardware knowledge as well as hardware related software aspects (e.g. operating system support), with an emphasis on contemporary microprocessors. After participating in this lecture, students are capable of choosing an optimal processor architecture from the numerous general and special purpose approaches for a given problem. This also applies to hardware related programming issues.

  • Structure of computing systems
  • Technological development of microprocessors: From Intel's 4004 to today's architectures, RISC vs. CISC, Moore's Law
  • Instruction Set Architecture and addressing modes
  • Case studies: Intel/AMD x86, ARM, Itanium, Xeon Phi
  • Caches: Cache structures, replacement strategies, cache coherency, MESI-protocol, locality, case studies
  • Superscalar architectures
  • VLIW architectures
  • Pipelining, data-, structural-, control conflicts, resolving pipelining conflicts, branch prediction
  • Embedded processors: ARM architecture and extensions
  • Multicore architectures
  • Future developments


  • Hennessy/Patterson: Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach
  • Hennessy/Patterson: Rechnerorganisation und Entwurf: Die Hardware/Software-Schnittstelle
  • William Stallings: Computer Organization and Architecture
  • D. Sima, T. Fountain, P. Kacsuk: Advanced Computer Architectures --- A Design Space Approach
  • M. Menge: Moderne Prozessorarchitekturen --- Prinzipien und ihre Realisierung



In order to qualify for the exam, the exercises have to be solved correctly. Further instructions will be given in the lecture.