Student Jobs

Below, you can find a list of currently available student jobs.


We are always looking for tutors for our lectures and practical courses. Regularly offered courses:

  • Übung zu Einführung in die Rechnerarchitektur (WiSe, Deutsch)
  • Praktikum Rechnerarchitektur (WiSe und SoSe, Deutsch)
  • Praktikum Aspekte der systemnahen Programmierung bei der Spieleentwicklung (WiSe, Deutsch)
  • Parallel Programming (SoSe, English)

Applications: Tutortool - if a registration is not possible there, please contact the course organizer directly, we may have additional funding options.

Tutors Wanted for IN0005 Praktikum Grundlagen Rechnerarchitektur and IN0035 Praktikum Aspekte der systemnahen Programmierung


This practical course is taught in German. German skills are a prerequisite for a tutor position.

Dieses Praktikum wird in Deutsch unterrichtet. Gute Deutschkenntnisse sind Voraussetzung für eine Tutorenstelle.

Wir suchen in jedem Semester Tutoren für die Durchführung der Praktika „Grundlagen Rechnerarchitektur“ (Sommer+Winter) und „Aspekte der systemnahen Programmierung“ (Winter).

Unsere Stellen haben folgende Vorteile:

  • Flexible Arbeitsstunden
  • Tutorenhonorar nach TUM-Tarif (Standardmäßig 10 Wochenstunden, verhandelbar)
  • Mitverwendung des ERA-Tutorenraums
  • Arbeit an hardwarenahen Themen
  • Freundliche Kollegen

Das Aufgabenspektrum eines Tutors umfasst folgendes:

  • Tutorübungen abhalten
  • Mentoring für Projektgruppen
  • Vorträge hören und evaluieren
  • Projektabgaben korrigieren

Wir wünschen uns folgendes von dir:

  • Verlässlichkeit
  • Gute Deutschkenntnisse für Unterricht und Korrektur
  • Fächer „Einführung in die Rechnerarchitektur“ sowie das Praktikum erfolgreich abgeschlossen
  • Interesse am Thema

Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung.

Kontakt: Vincent Bode

Bewerbungen sind über das Tutortool oder per E-Mail an möglich.

Tutors Wanted for Parallel Programming IN2147

We are searching for multiple tutors for the subject Parallel Programming in the every summer semester.

You gain the following:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Salary according to the "TUM-Tarif" (number of hours negotiable)
  • Use of the tutor room subject to availability
  • Interesting topics
  • Friendly colleagues

Your tasks include:

  • Help organize the (central/distributed) tutorial
  • Participate in weekly Q&A sessions
  • Supervise and grade exams
  • Administrate server for programming exercises

We wish for:

  • Reliability
  • Completion of the lecture "Parallel Programming" or similar lectures with a good grade

Contact: Vincent Bode

Apply via the Tutortool or by e-mail to

HiWi Position: DDS and Realtime Systems

As of February 2022, we have an open HiWi position regarding benchmarking the IIoT System DDS (Data Distribution Service) in relation to realtime systems. Research activities can include determining how to use DDS-Systems with user-space communication solutions and benchmarking the bandwidth latency effects of user space communication versus traditional networks like TCP/IP.

For more information, please contact Vincent Bode (

HiWi - Machine Learning Inference on FPGAs

We have an open HiWi position for the MLAB project (Machine Learning Application Benchmark): The core part of this project includes the development of a benchmarking suite for machine learning tasks on FPGAs-enabled SoCs targeting space applications. We are looking for students to develop a prototype for an automatic benchmarking system. This system automatically spawns benchmarking instances and records the performance metrics, e.g., frame rates, as well as power consumption.
If you are interested, send an email to Amir Raoofy (

HiWi - development of an Exascale Software Stack

We are looking for a HiWi student to support us with our DEEP-SEA project ( efforts.

We are developing tools for performance analysis on heterogeneous HPC systems with the goal of creating a full in-depth analysis of a memory-related application behaviour and capabilities of a system. Our projects are MemAxes (, Mitos (, and sys-sage ( All three tools are in an early stage of developement, so there are many exciting tasks to create/implement/try out, such as (not extensive list):

  • extending our tools for GPUs and other modern heterogeneous architecture components,
  • designing and writing or improving NUMA-, device-, and energy-aware benchmarks as sys-sage data inputs,
  • redesigning UI/UX and visualisation techniques/concepts of MemAxes tool,
  • designing and implementing a CI pipeline, and preparing our projects for release, or
  • designing and implementing a data movement data collection mechanism for GPUs.

We are looking for a motivated student with good knowledge of C++ programming, who is eager to learn and to try out working on a real research project, who is able to work (to some degree) independently, and preferably also has some knowledge in Computer Architecture and/or Parallel Programming. Some of the tasks will include cooperation with other research institutes where communication with our partners may be necessary, other tasks will be done locally, so it is not a must. 

In case of interest, feel free to get in touch with Stepan Vanecek( from the CAPS research group of Prof. Schulz.