Parallel Program Engineering (IN2310)

Prof. Dr. Michael Gerndt, Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz

Dates: Block course, Frauenchiemsee
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Language: English
Type: Lecture, 4VÜ
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This course is cancelled due to Corona. 

PPE Group Fotos


The course will present tools and tool infrastructures for parallel programming. The students will be able to apply the tools, to design new tool concepts, and to evaluated different implementation methods.


  • Introduction to parallel programming, programming models and languages, applications, and the parallelization approach.
  • Software development process focusing on aspects and requirements for parallel and high performance applications. Development environments supporting the orchestration of parallel programs.
  • Concepts and tools for engineering parallel programs focusing on:
    • Domain decomposition
    • Debugging
    • Performance analysis
    • Performance modeling and prediction
    • Application tuning
    • Performance engineering workflows
    • Tool development infrastructures