Internet of Things (IoT) (IN3450)

Prof. Dr. Shajulin Benedict (IIIT Kottayam, India; Guestprofessor at TUM in SS22)

Dates: Thursday 16:00-18:00. We combined lecture on Tuesday and Thursday.
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Language: English
Type: Lecture, 3V
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Registration: TUM-Online (limit 100 seats)
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Internet of Things is evolving in various sectors such as healthcare, industry, education, and so forth. It is expected that tens of thousands of sensor nodes will be digitally connected to improve the intelligence involved in the traditional solutions.  

  1. to introduce the concept of IoT technologies and their architectures, 
  2. to provide knowledge on various applications associated with IoT,
  3. to enable awareness on IoT ecosystem that promotes societal/industrial products.

At the end of the course, the students will understand sensors and actuators, IoT-Cloud platforms or frameworks that enable IoT applications, integration solutions, and associated use-cases. 

 Covered topics
  1. Introduction
  2. IoT subdomains
  3. IoT Networking
  4. IoT protocols
  5. Arduino, Raspberrypi, and others
  6. IoT Architectures
  7. IoT Analytics
  8. Edge Intelligence
  9. Smart Applications – Smart Home, Smart Transportation, Smart Agriculture
  10. Smart Applications – Smart Industry, Smart Health, Smart Logistics, and so forth.
Short student talks

Students, who are willing to deliver a short talk (10 minutes), could register with Dr. Benedict ( well in advance. The talks must fit to IoT-related topics. The presenters will receive a bonus of 0.3. 

Assignment and Quizz

One assignment and one quiz will be offered via. moodle to students on specific IoT topics. Upon the successful completion of them, the participants will receive 0.3 bonus.