Cloud Computing (IN2073)

Prof. Dr. Michael Gerndt

Guest lecturers: Prof. Dr. Shajulin Benedict (IIIT Kottayam, India), Prof. Dr. Jorge Cardoso (Huawei, Germany)

Dates: Tuesday, 16:00 - 19:00, MI HS004, Lichtenbergstr. 2b, Room
First meeting: 15.10.2019
Language: English
Type: Lecture, 2V+1Ü
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Registration: TUM-Online


  1. Introduction
    1. IT-trends
    2. Technology sources
    3. History of cloud computing
    4. Aspects of cloud
  2. Base technologies
    1. Computer architecture
    2. Databases
    3. Clusters
    4. Data centers
    5. Web technologies
  3. Scalable system models
    1. High performance computing
    2. High throughput computing
    3. P2P
    4. Grid computing
  4. Virtualization
    1. Virtualization types
    2. Hardware virtualization
    3. Cloud OS
    4. OS level virtualization
  5. Cloud infrastructures
    1. IaaS
    2. PaaS
    3. SaaS
    4. Pricing models
    5. Licensing
    6. QoS
  6. OpenStack
    1. Concepts and architecture
    2. Cloud implementation
  7. Cloud application development
    1. Application classes
    2. Programming interfaces
    3. Cloud application engineering
  8. Future technologies


The meetings will be used flexibly for presentation and exercises. This will be discussed in the first meeting.


The exercises will provides hands-on with the full cloud technology stack. You will start from accessing the cloud, managing your virtual machines, and writing a little application that runs on the VM. You will then install Kubernetes and Spark and will develop and run a data analytics application.