LKN on security in wireless at IEEE WiSEC 2024

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LKN researchers present latest results on security in wireless networks at ACM WiSEC 2024

Oliver Zeidler is presenting his paper in the main session at ACM WiSEC

This year LKN researchers have published two contributions at the prestigeous ACM WiSec 2024, the 17th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks, that took place from May 27 to May 30, 2024 in Seoul, Korea.

  • Oliver Zeidler, Julian Sturm, Daniel Fraunholz, and Wolfgang Kellerer:
    Performance Evaluation of Transport Layer Security in the 5G Core Control Plane (full paper)
  • Julian Sturm, Daniel Fraunholz, Oliver Zeidler, Katharina Schaar, and Wolfgang Kellerer
    5G Puppeteer: Chaining Hidden Command and Control Channels in 5G Core Networks (poster)

ACM WiSec is the leading ACM and SIGSAC conference dedicated to all aspects of security and privacy in wireless and mobile networks and their applications.



Aktuelle Publikationen

  • Vijayaraghavan, Hansini; von Mankowski, Jörg; Kellerer, Wolfgang: ComputiFi: Latency-Optimized Task Offloading in Multipath Multihop LiFi-WiFi Networks. IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, 2024, 1-1 mehr…
  • Goshi, Endri; Harkous, Hasanin; Ahvar, Shohreh; Pries, Rastin; Mehmeti, Fidan; Kellerer, Wolfgang;: Joint UPF and Edge Applications Placement and Routing in 5G & Beyond. 2024 IEEE 21st International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems (MASS), 2024 mehr…
  • Hofmann, Pit; Schmidt, Sebastian; Wietfeld, Alexander; Zhou, Pengjie; Fuchtmann, Jonas; Fitzek, Frank H.P.; Kellerer, Wolfgang: A Molecular Communication Perspective on Detecting Arterial Plaque Formation. IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications, 2024 mehr…