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An SCTP Load Balancer for Kubernetes to aid RAN-Core Communication

5G, SCTP, Kubernetes, RAN, 5G Core, gNB, AMF


Cloud Native deployments of the 5G Core network are gaining increasing interest and many providers are exploring these options. One of the key technologies that will be used to deploy these Networks, is Kubernetes (k8s).

In 5G, NG Application Protocol (NGAP) is used for the gNB-AMF (RAN-Core) communication. NGAP uses SCTP as a Transport Layer protocol. In order to load balance traffic coming from the gNB towards a resilient cluster of AMF instances, a L4 load balancer needs to be deployed in the Kubernetes Cluster.

The goal of this project is do develop a SCTP Load Balancer to be used in a 5G Core Network to aid the communication between the RAN and Core.
The project will be developed using the language Go (


- General knowledge about Mobile Networks (RAN & Core).
- Good knowledge of Cloud Orchestration tools like Kuberentes.
- Strong programming skills. Knowledge of Go ( is a plus.



Endri Goshi


5G-RAN control plane modeling and Core network evaluation


Next generation mobile networks are envisioned to cope with heterogeneous applications with diverse requirements. To this end, 5G is paving the way towards more scalable and higher performing deployments. This leads to a revised architecture, where the majority of the functionalities are implemented as network functions, which could be scaled up/down depending on the application requirements. 

3GPP has already released the 5G architecture overview, however there exists no actual open source deployment of RAN functionalities. This will be crucial towards the evaluation of the Core network both in terms of scalability and performance. In this thesis, the student shall understand the 5G standardization, especially the control plane communication between the RAN and 5G Core. Further, an initial RAN function compatible with the 5G standards shall be implemented and evaluation of control plane performance will be carried out. 


  • Strong knowledge on programming languages Python, C++ or Java.
  • Knowledge about mobile networking is necessary.
  • Knowlegde about 4G/5G architecture is a plus.


Endri Goshi, Arled Papa