Offene Arbeiten

Student Assistent for Wireless Sensor Networks Lab Winter Semester 24/25


The Wireless Sensor Networks lab offers the opportunity to develop software solutions for the wireless sensor networking system, targeting innovative applications. For the next semester, a position is available to assist the participants in learning the programming environment and during the project development phase. The lab is planned to be held on-site every Tuesday 15:00 to 17:00.


  • Solid knowledge in Wireless Communication: PHY, MAC, and network layers.
  • Solid programming skills: C/C++.
  • Linux knowledge.
  • Experience with embedded systems and microcontroller programming knowledge is preferable.




Yash Deshpande, Alexander Wietfeld

Laufende Arbeiten

Implementation and Evaluation of a Particle-Based Simulator for Molecular Communication with Diffusion and Flow


Implement a particle-based simulation framework for molecular communication networks:



Use e.g. Python or MATLAB


Main target scenario: cylindrical tube with multiple transmitters and receivers


Effects: Diffusion, laminar/uniform flow -> output: particle trajectories


Enable different types of transmitters and receivers (e.g. point, cross-sectional distribution, volume) Flexibility in placement of TX and RX and shape of the initial molecules distribution  


Implement and evaluate a non-orthogonal multiple access scheme based on the distance and the emitted number of molecules from each TX



Alexander Wietfeld