External Thesis

(Bachelor's Thesis, Forschungspraxis/Research Internship, Master's Thesis)

As your thesis is a formal course achievement to be graded by the university, we would like to point you to some formal requirements you should consider when you plan to perform your thesis in industry our an external research institute:

  • The topic of the thesis has to be supervised by a professor.
  • The topic of an external thesis is solely defined by the supervising professor. The professor is, next to the supervision, responsible for all administrative aspects of the thesis.
  • The grading is solely done by the professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (and not by the company!)
  • If a company does announce a topic, the company (and not the student) is responsible for contacting the professor. In no case can a company offer a topic and delegate the search for a supervisor to the student. This especially holds true for the definition of the topic (which is done solely by the professor).
  • The topic can only be supervised, if it is related to the ongoing research projects at the chair und a suitable supervisor at the chair can be found.
  • A close supervision by the external company has to be made sure through a dedicated supervisor. All equipment has to be provided by the company.
  • The external supervisor is asked to attend the Kick-Off Presentation and the Final Presentation of the thesis.
  • We can not, outside of existing cooperations or projects, sign any form of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as a thesis is a graded student work.