On Wednesday March 6, 2024 Prof. Michael Seufert (Universität Augsburg) gives a presentation in room 1977 on "Machine-Learning-supported Network Management for User-centric Communication Networks"

On Wednesday January 10, 2023 Prof James Gross (KTH Stockholm, Sweden) gives a presentation in room 1977 on "Is URLLC dead?"

Prof. Kellerer has been elected as the chairman of the ITG Fachausschuss KT2 "Kommunikationsnetze und -systeme"

TUM-LKN team is awarded 3rd rank

Alba Jano receives Best Paper Award at IEEE Future Networks 2023

Shakthivelu Janardhanan receives best student paper award at IEEE CQR2023

Our paper "Optimal Finite Horizon Scheduling of Wireless Networked Control Systems" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Networking

Polina Kutsevol received the IEEE SECON 2023 Best Demo Award

CDTM/6G-life Trend Report available for download

The new course by CDTM/LKN had its final presentations on July 12, 2023

Recent Publications

  • Hofmann, Pit; Schmidt, Sebastian; Wietfeld, Alexander; Zhou, Pengjie; Fuchtmann, Jonas; Fitzek, Frank H.P.; Kellerer, Wolfgang: A Molecular Communication Perspective on Detecting Arterial Plaque Formation. 8th Workshop on Molecular Communications, 2024 more…
  • Wietfeld, Alexander; Schmidt, Sebastian; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Error Probability Optimization for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in DBMC Networks. 8th Workshop on Molecular Communications, 2024 more…
  • Papa, Arled; Mankowski, Jorg von; Vijayaraghavan, Hansini; Mafakheriy, Babak; Gorattiy, Leonardo; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Enabling 6G Applications in the Sky: Aeronautical Federation Framework. IEEE Network, 2023, 1-8 more…