vom 25.05.2022 bis 28.09.2022 findet das PhD Seminar in der Theresesienstr. 90 im ZG im Hörsaal N1095ZG statt.

Termine im Einzelnen

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    PhD Seminar 2022  
  19.10. Public: To Be, or Not to Be Stateful: Post-Quantum Secure Boot using Hash-Based Signatures  Alexander Wagner, Fraunhofer AISEC
  21.09. Public: 1. Timing Camouflage Enabled State Machine Obfuscation 2. Analysis of Graph-based Partitioning Algorithms and Partitioning Metrics for Hardware Reverse Engineering 1. Michaela Brunner, TUM               2. Johanna Baehr, TUM      

Public: 1. The Wiretap Channel for Capacitive PUF-Based Security Enclosures 2. A Pragmatic Methodology for Blind Hardware Trojan Insertion in Finalized Layouts 3. When the Decoder Has to Look Twice: Glitching a PUF Error Correction

1. Kathrin Garb, Fraunhofer AISEC 2. Alexander Hepp, TUM 3. Jonas Ruchti, TUM


Public: Open Source Hardware Design and Hardware Reverse Engineering: A Security Analysis

Johanna Baehr, TUM
  01.06. Public: Leaking AI: A Look into Physical Attacks on EdgeML Devices Shivam Bhasin, NTU Singapur
  25.05. Public: A Power Side-Channel Attack on the Reed-Muller Reed-Solomon Version of the HQC Cryptosystem Thomas Schamberger, TUM
  11.05. Intern: Paper Review TUM und AISEC-Mitarbeiter
  27.04. Public: Framework for Integrated Circuit Layout Verification via Hardware Reverse Engineering                        Matthias Ludwig, Infineon
  06.04. Intern: A Second Look at the ASCAD Databases Thomas Schamberger, TUM
  30.03. Public: Hardware Obfuscation of Digital FIR Filters Levent Aksoy, TalTech Tallinn
  16.02. Public: A TOCTOU Attack on DICE Attestation Stefan Hristozov, Fraunhofer AISEC
  19.01. Public: 1 Golden Model-Free Hardware Trojan Detection by Classification of Netlist Module Graphs 2. Physical and Functional Reverse Engineering Challenges for Advanced Semiconductor Solutions 1. Alexander Hepp, TUM 2. Bernhard Lippmann, Infineon

Public: 1. Counteract Side-Channel Analysis of Neural Networks by Shuffling 2. Beware of the Bias -- Statistical Performance Evaluation of Higher-Order Alphabet PUFs

1. Manuel Brosch, TUM 2. Christoph Frisch, TUM
    PhD Seminar2021  
  15.12. Public: An Overview about Hardware/Software Codesign Strategies and Instruction Set Extensions for Post-Quantum Cryptography Tim Fritzmann, TUM
  24.11. Public: 1. Analysis and Protection of the Two-Metric Helper Data Scheme 2. Towards a Human-readable State Machine Extraction 3. Lightning Talk: RISCV-HT 1. Lars Tebelmann,TUM 2. Michaela Brunner, TUM 3. Alexander Hepp, TUM
  03.11. Public: 1. Attacks and Countermeasures for Capacitive PUF-Based Enclosures 2. CRESS: Framework for Vulnerability Assessment of Attack Scenarios in Hardware Reverse Engineering 1.Kathrin Garb, Fraunhofer AISEC       2. Matthias Ludwig, Infineon + Alexander Hepp, TUM
  29.09. Intern: Gastvortrag der Universität Tallin Tara Ghasempouri, Tallinna Tehnikaülikool (TalTech)
  15.09. Public:

1. ARCHIE: A QEMU-Based Framework for Architecture-Independent Evaluation of Faults    2. Algebraic Fault Analysis of Subterranean 2.0

1. Kathrin Garb, Fraunhofer AISEC      2. Michael Gruber, TUM
    Sommerpause bis Mitte September  
  04.08. Public: Security and Trust in Open Source Security Tokens Marc Schink, Fraunhofer AISEC
  14.07. Public:

CardioTEXTIL: Wearable for Monitoring and End-to-End Secure Distribution of ECGs

Martin Striegel, Fraunhofer AISEC
  23.06. Intern:

DOMREP - An Orthogonal Countermeasure for Arbitrary Order Side-Channel and Fault Attack Protection

Michael Gruber, TUM
  09.06. Public Machine Learning of Physical Unclonable Functions using Helper Data Emanuele Strieder, Fraunhofer AISEC

Public: Tapeout of a RISC-V Crypto Chip with Hardware Trojans

Alexander Hepp, TUM
  24.03. Intern: Enhancing the security of FPGA-SoCs via the usage of ARM TrustZone and a Hybrid-TPM Mathieu Gross, TUM

Public: The Cost of OSCORE and EDHOC for Constrained Devices

Stefan Hristozov, Fraunhofer AISEC

  10.02. Intern: High-level Intellectual Property Obfuscation via Decoy Constants Levent Aksoy, TalTech University
  13.01. Public:Open Source IC Design and Hardware Reverse Engineering or: How I learned to stop worrying and love reverse engineering RISC-V designs. Johanna Baehr, TUM
  05.01. Intern:

Introduction to the Security of Neural Networks against Hardware Attacks

Manuel Brosch + Matthias Probst, TUM

    PhD Seminar 2020  
  18.11. Inter: Hardening Digital Circuits against Invasive Attacks with On-Chip Delay Measurements Michael Weiner
  04.11. Public: A Power Side-Channel Attack on the CCA2-Secure HQC KEM Thomas Schamberger, TUM
  28.10. Public: 1. Statistical Ineffective Fault Analysis of GIMLI 2. Protecting RESTful IoT Devices from Battery Exhaustion DoS Attacks 1. Michael Gruber, TUM 2. Stefan Hristozov, AISEC                
  30.09. Public: 1. Self-Secured PUF: Protecting the Loop PUF by Masking 2. Efficient Hardware/Software Co-Design for Post-Quantum Crypto Algorithm SIKE on ARM and RISC-V based Microcontrollers  1. Lars Tebelmann, TUM 2. Debapriya Basu Roy, TUM
  23.09. Public: 1. MP3 Compression To Diminish Adversarial Noise in End-to-End Speech Recognition Iustina Andronic 2. Audio Adversarial Examples for Robust Hybrid CTC/Attention Speech Recognition Ludwig Kürzinger, TUM
  19.08. Intern: The Lazarus Effect: Healing Compromised Devices in the Internet of Small Things

Stefan Hristozov, Fraunhofer AISEC

  12.08. Intern: 1. RISQ-V: Tightly Coupled RISC-V Accelerators for Post-Quantum Cryptography 2. Strengthening Post-Quantum Security for Automotive Systems 3. The Influence of LWE/RLWE Parameters on theStochastic Dependence of Decryption Failures 1. + 2. Tim Fritzmann, TUM 3. Georg Maringer, TUM
  05.08. Intern: A benchmarking framework for evaluating the SW performance of NIST Lightweight Cryptography (LWC) candidates Sebastian Renner, OTH Regensburg
  22.07. Intern: Temporary Laser Fault Injection into Flash Memory: Calibration, Enhanced Attacks, and Countermeasures Kathrin Garb, Fraunhofer AISEC                  
  01.07. Intern: Secure and User-Friendly Over-the-Air Firmware Distribution in a Portable Faraday Cage Martin Striegel, Fraunhofer AISEC          
  17.06. Intern: ROPAD: A Fully Digital Highly Predictive Ring Oscillator Probing Attempt Detector Hamidreza Moghadas, Infineon
  19.02. Public:Extending the RISC-V Instruction Set for Hardware Acceleration of the Post-Quantum Scheme LAC Tim Fritzmann, TUM
  22.01. kein PhD Seminar  
  15.01. TUM intern: Efficient Signature Verification and Key Revocation using Identity Based Cryptography Tobias Guggemos, LMU


PhD Seminar 2019

  04.12. Public: 1. Efficient Bound for Conditional Min-Entropy of Physical Unclonable Functions Beyond IID 2. Understanding millions of gates: Introduction to IC reverse engineering for non-chip-reverse-engineers 1. Florian Wilde, TUM 2. Johanna Baehr, TUM
  27.11. TUM intern: Higher-Order Alphabet Physical Unclonable Functions Vincent Immler, Fraunhofer AISEC
  13.11. TUM intern: Breaking and Restoring Embedded System Security Johannes Obermaier, Fraunhofer AISEC
  06.11. Public: 1. Post-Quantum Key Exchange for Safety Critical Systems 2. SCA Secure and Updatable Crypto Engines for FPGA SoC Bitstream Decryption 1. Tim Fritzmann, TUM 2. Nisha Jacob, Fraunhofer AISEC
  23.10. Public: 1.Breaking TrustZone Memory Isolation through Malicious Hardware on a Modern FPGA-SoC 2. Peak Clock: Fault Injection into PLL-Based Systems via Clock Manipulation 1. Mathieu Gross, TUM 2. Bodo Selmke, Fraunhofer AISEC
  25.09. Public: System Architectures for Data Confidentiality and Frameworks for Main Memory Extraction Manuel Huber, Fraunhofer AISEC
  17.07. Public: Taking a Look into Execute-Only Memory Marc Schink + Johannes Obermaier, Fraunhofer AISEC
  03.07.18:00 Public: Undermining User Privacy on Mobile Devices Using AI Andreas Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC
  03.07.15:30 neue Uhrzeit TUM Intern: Channel Coding for Hardware Intrinsic Security Sven Müelich, Uni Ulm
  26.06. TUM Intern: PhD-Seminar zum Thema NIST LWC Michael Tempelmeier, TUM und Sebastian Renner, OTH Regensburg
  12.06. 13:00 TUM Intern: On the Confidence in Bit-Alias Measurement of Physical Unclonable Functions Florian Wilde, TUM
  29.05. Public: Curve Based Cryptography: High-Performance Implementations and Speed Enhancing Methods Philipp Koppermann
  15.05. Public: High Resolution EM Side Channel Attacks with Multiple Measurement Probes Robert Specht
  10.04. Public: 1. Improving on State Register Identification in Sequential Hardware Reverse Engineering 2. Using Hardware Software Codesign for Optimised Implementations of High-Speed and Defence in Depth CAESAR Finalists 1. Michaela Brunner, TUM                  2. Michael Tempelmeier, TUM
  02.04.      TUM intern: Secure and Efficient Lightweight Authenticated Encryption for the Internet of Things Dr. William Diehl, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
  20.03. Public:1. Practical Evaluation of Masking for NTRUEncrypt on ARM Cortex-M4 2. Differential Fault Attacks on KLEIN 1. Thomas Schamberger, TUM 2. Michael Gruber, TUM
  06.03. Public:1. Efficient and Flexible Low-Power NTT for Lattice-Based Cryptography 2. Side-Channel Analysis of the TERO PUF 1. Tim Fritzmann, TUM 2. Lars Tebelmann
  13.02. Public: A Calibratable Detector for Invasive Attacks Michael Weiner, BMW
  30.01. Public: EyeSec: A Retrofittable Augmented Reality Tool for Troubleshooting Wireless Sensor Networks in the Field Martin Striegel, Fraunhofer AISEC
  16.01. Public: 1.Machine Learning and Structural Characteristics for Reverse Engineering 2. Integrated Flow for Reverse Engineering of Nanoscale Technologies 1. Johanna Baehr, TUM 2. Bernhard Lippmann, Infineon


PhD Seminar 2018

  19.12. TUM Intern: Vorstellung Reviews Host Paper PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  12.12. TUM Intern: Software-induced Hardware Attacks - Research Directions and Discussion PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  14.11. Public: Experimental Power and Performance Evaluation of CAESAR Hardware Finalists Michael Tempelmeier, TUM
  31.10. TUM Intern: Software-induced Hardware Attacks - Research Directions and Discussion PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  04.10. 13:00 Public: Secure and Compact Full NTRU Hardware Implementation Tim Fritzmann, TUM
  19.09. Public: 1. CoRT: A Communication Robustness Testbed for Industrial Control System Components 2. You Snooze, You Lose: Measuring PLC Cycle Times under Attacks 3. Efficient Passive ICS Device Discovery and Identification by MAC Address Correlation   Matthias Niedermaier, Hochschule Augsburg
  22.08. Public: Fast FPGA Implementations of Diffie-Hellman on the Kummer Surface of a Genus-2 Curve Philipp Koppermann, Fraunhofer AISEC
  25.07. Public: 1. Analysis of Error-Correcting Codes for Lattice-Based Key Exchange 2. DATA – Differential Address Trace Analysis: Finding Address-based Side-Channels in Binaries 1. Tim Fritzmann, TUM + 2. Andreas Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC
  01.08.-31.08. no seminar scheduled  
  10.07. TUM Intern: Evaluation of DPA Protected Implementations of CAESAR Finalists ACORN and Ascon and other Candidates PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  04.07. TUM Intern: Side-Channel Analysis PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  20.06. TUM Intern: PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  13.06. TUM Intern: An overview of RISC-V Mathieu Gross, TUM + Lucas Auer, Fraunhofer AISEC: PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC 
  09.05. 18:00 Public: 1. A Measurement System for Capacitive PUF-Based Security Enclosures 2. An Embedded Key Management System for PUF-based Security Enclosures Johannes Obermaier, Fraunhofer AISEC
  25.04. 18:00 TUM Intern: Multiple instruction-skips leveraging electromagnetic fault injection Alexandre Menu, École nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne (EMSE) 
  18.04. Public: 1. Dividing the Threshold: Multi-Probe Localized EM Analysis on Threshold Implementations 2. Large Scale RO PUF Analysis over Slice Type, Evaluation Time and Temperature on 28nm Xilinx FPGAs 1. Robert Specht + 2. Robert Hesselbarth, Fraunhofer AISEC
  11.04. TUM Intern: High-Level Side-Channel Leakage Models with Application to Compilers Hermann Seuschek, Siemens
  28.03. Public: High-Resolution EM Attacks Against Leakage-Resilient PRFs Explained Florian Unterstein, Fraunhofer AISEC
  21.03. TUM Intern: 1. B-TREPID: Batteryless Tamper-Resistant Envelope with a PUF and Integrity Detection 2. The CAESAR-API in the Real World - Towards a Fair Evaluation of Hardware CAESAR Candidates 1. Vincent Immler, Fraunhofer AISEC + 2. Michael Tempelmeier, TUM
  14.03. Public: Earthquake - A NoC-based optimized differential collision cache attack for MPSoCs Cezar Reinbrecht, Federal University Rio Grande do Sul
  07.03. TUM Intern: Michael Tempelmeier, TUM
  14.02. Public: Practical Runtime Attestation for Tiny IoT Devices Stefan Hristozov, Fraunhofer AISEC
  31.01. TUM Intern: Algorithmic and Protocol Level Countermeasures to Protect Cryptographic Devices Fabrizio De Santis, Siemens
  17.01. TUM Intern: PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC

PhD Seminar 2017

  06.12. TUM Intern: PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  29.11. CANCELLED Public: Variable-Length Bit Mapping and Error-Correcting Codes for Higher-Order Alphabet PUFs Vincent Immler/Matthias Hiller, Fraunhofer AISEC
  15.11. 17:30 TUM Intern PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  25.10. Public: EM-Side-Channel Attack on BCH-based Error Correction for PUF-based Key Generation Lars Tebelmann, TUM
  13.09. Public: Your Rails Cannot Hide From Localized EM: How Dual-Rail Logic Fails on FPGAs Robert Specht, Fraunhofer AISEC
  06.09. Public: 1. How to Break Secure Boot on FPGA SoCs through Malicious Hardware  2. Hiding Secrecy Leakage in Leaky Helper Data 1. Nisha Jacob, Fraunhofer AISEC         2. Matthias Hiller, Fraunhofer AISEC 
  30.08. Public: Towards a Unified Security Model for Physically Unclonable Functions Prof. Frederik Armknecht
  10.08.-29.08. no seminar scheduled  
  09.08. Public: AutoLock: Why Cache Attacks on ARM Are Harder Than You Think Andreas Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC
  26.07. Public: 1. Fuzzy-Glitch: A Practical Ring Oscillator Based Clock Glitch Attack 2. PropFuzz - An IT-Security Fuzzing Framework for Proprietary ICS Protocols 1. Johannes Obermaier, AISEC 2. Matthias Niedermaier, Hochschule Augsburg

Public: 1. The Low Area Probing Detector as a Countermeasure against Invasive Attacks 2. Generation of unpredictable bits based on the combination of RRAMs devices for hardware security applications

1. Michael Weiner, Simons Voss, 2. Prof. Salvador Manich, UPC Barcelona
  12.07. Public: Shedding too much Light on a Microcontroller's Firmware Protection Johannes Obermaier, AISEC
  28.06. Public: Highly Ecient Implementation of Physical Unclonable Functions on FPGAs Stefan Gehrer, Bosch

Public: Exploiting Bus Communication to Improve Cache Attacks on Systems-on-Chips

Mathieu Gross, TUM
  31.05. Public: 1. ChaCha20-Poly1305 Authenticated Encryption for High-Speed Embedded IoT Applications 2. EM Attack on BCH-based Error Correction for PUFs 1. Fabrizio De Santis,TUM                   2. Lars Tebelmann, TUM
  17.05. CANCELED Public: EM Attack on BCH-based Error Correction for PUFs Lars Tebelmann, TUM

Public:1. Automatic Generation of High-Performance Modular Multipliers for Arbitrary Mersenne Primes on FPGAs 2. Take a Moment and have some t: Hypothesis Testing on Raw PUF Data

1. Philipp Koppermann, Fraunhofer AISEC 2. Vincent Immler, Fraunhofer AISEC
  05.04. Public: 1. Title: Low-cost Setup for Localized Semi-invasive Optical Fault Injection Attacks 2. Dissecting Leakage Resilient PRFs 1. Oscar Guillen, G&D 2. Florian Unterstein, Fraunhofer AISEC
  22.03. Public: 1. Towards Post-quantum Security for IoT Endpoints with NTRU 2.  ChaCha20-Poly1305  Authenticated Encryption for High-Speed Embedded IoT Applications 1. Johanna Sepulveda, TUM 2. Fabrizio De Santis, TUM
  08.03. Public:  Compromising FPGA SoCs using Malicious Hardware Blocks Nisha Jacobs, Fraunhofer AISEC
  22.02. Public: Automated Detection of Instruction Cache Leaks in RSA Software Implementations Andreas Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC
  01.02. Intern: Bericht Forschungsaufenthalt USA Andreas Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC
  11.01. Intern: 1.+2. Philipp Koppermann 3.  Ludwig Kürzinger 4. Florian Wilde 5. Matthias Hiller 6. Andreas Zankl 7. Johanna Sepulveda 8. Vincent Immler


PhD Seminar 2016


Intern:  Automated Synthesis of Efficient Circuits for Secure Computation


Ghada Dessouky
  09.11. Public: 1. Non-minimal Security-aware Routing for Zone-based data Protection in Multi-Processor System-on-Chips 2. Circuit Clustering Methods for Netlist Reverse Engineering 3. Spatial Correlationsin Physical Unclonable Functions 1. Johanna Sepulveda, TUM          2. Johanna Baehr, TUM                  3. Florian Wilde, TUM
  26.10. Public: 1. Squeezing Polynomial Masking in Tower Fields 2. Side-Channel Leakage Models for IoT Processors 1. Fabrizio De Santis, TUM         2. Hermann Seuschek, TUM
  12.10. Intern: 1. Towards Side-Channel Secure Firmware Updates - A Minimalist Anomaly Detection Approach 2.  Online Reliability Testing for PUF Key Derivation 1. Oscar Guillen, TUM                 2. Aysun Önalan



Public: Towards Efficient Evaluation of a Time-Driven Cache Attack on Modern Processors Andreas Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC
  August no seminar scheduled  

Public: 1. X25519 Hardware Implementation for Low-Latency Applications + 2. Attack on a DFA protected AES by simultaneous laser fault injections

1. Philipp Koppermann, Fraunhofer AISEC + 2. Bodo Selmke, Fraunhofer AISEC
  21.07.(neuer Termin) Public: 1. Fast and Reliable PUF Response Evaluation from Unsettled Bistable Rings + 2. Defending Cache Memory against Cold-Boot Attacks Boosted by Power or EM Radiation Analysis 1. Robert Hesselbarth, Fraunhofer AISEC + 2. Salvador Manich, Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona (UPC)
  29.06. TUM intern: 1. MaskVer: A Tool Helping Designers Detect Flawed Masking Implementations 2. Bericht zum CryptArchi Workshop 1. Michael Tempel-meier, TUM + 2. Prof. Jens-Peter Kaps, GMU Washington
  15.06. Public: Towards Risk Aware NoCs for Data Protection in MPSoCs Johanna Sepulveda, TUM
  23.05. Public: Analyzing the Security and Privacy of Cloud-based Video Surveillance Systems Johannes Obermaier + Martin Hutle, Fraunhofer AISEC
  04.05.    Public: Enhancing Fault Emulation of Transient Faults by Separating Combinational and Sequential Fault Propagation Ralph Nyberg, Fraunhofer AISEC
  20.04. Public: An Area-Optimized Serial Implementation of ICEPOLE Authenticated Encryption Schemes Michael Tempelmeier, TUM
  06.04. no Seminar scheduled  
  16.03. no Seminar scheduled  
  02.03. Public: Notifying Memories: a case-study on Data-Flow Applications with NoC Interfaces Implementation Johanna Sepulveda, TUM
  17.02. TUM intern: Practical Evaluation of Code Injection in Encrypted Firmware Updates Oscar Guillen, TUM
  03.02. Public: Exploring RRAMs for ICs Security Applications Daniel Arumí, Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona (UPC)
  20.01. 17:30 TUM intern: HOST Review PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC


PhD Seminar 2015

  16.12. Public: Safe and Secure I/O Sharing for Mixed-Criticality Embedded Real-Time Systems for Avionics Daniel Münch, Airbus
  02.12.   Public: Efficient and Flexible NoC-Based Group Communication for Secure MPSoCs Martha Johanna Sepulveda Florez, TUM
  18.11. Public: Using the reconfigurability of modern FPGAs for highly efficient PUF-based key generation  Stefan Gehrer, Bosch
  04.11. Public: Privacy-preserving Data Analytics on Social Networks: Limits of De-anonymizablity Prof. Negar Kiyavash



Public: 1. A Static DLM Analyzer to Assure Correct Information Flow in C, 2. seTPM: Towards Flexible Trusted Computing on Mobile Devices based on GlobalPlatform Secure Elements 1. Kevin Müller, Airbus + 2. Sergej Proskurin
  21.10. Public: Precise Laser Fault Injections into 90nm and 45nm SRAM-cells Bodo Selmke, Fraunhofer AISEC
  30.09. Public: A Lightweight Framework for Cold Boot Based Forensics on Mobile Devices Manuel Huber, Fraunhofer AISEC

Public: 1. A petite and power saving design for the AES S-Box 2. Side-Channel Leakage Models for RISC Instruction Set Architectures from Empirial Date


1. Markus Wamser, TUM + 2. Hermann Seuschek, TUM
  01.07. ABGESAGT Public: Attack Surface and Vulnerability Assessment of Automotive Electronic Control Units Martin Salfer, BMW
  22.06.   17:30 Public: Computational Fuzzy Commitment with a Noise-Avoiding Trapdoor Mandel Yu, Firma Verayo, USA
  11.06. Public: 65nm ASIC Design of a Probe Attempt Detector Prototype Prof. Salvador Manich Bou, UPC Barcelona
  27.05. Public: Detecting Fingerprinted Data in TLS Traffic Konstantin Böttinger, Fraunhofer AISEC
  06.05. TUM intern: HiPeC - High Performance Cryptograhic Service for Heterogeneous Network-on-Chip Systems Hermann Seuschek, TUM
  15.04. es findet kein PhD Seminar statt  
  01.04. TUM intern: Improving Non-Profiled Attacks on Exponentiations based on Clustering and Extracting Leakage from Multi-Channel High-Resolution EM Measurements Robert Specht, Fraunhofer AISEC
  18.03. TUM intern: Über eine Schieberegister- basierte Variante von Canrighs S-Box für den AES Markus Wamser, TUM
  11.03.  Public: Low Leakage Coding for Physical Unclonable Functions  Matthias Hiller, TUM
  18.02. Kein PhD Seminar  
  04.02. Public: On Cache Timing Attacks Considering Multi-Core Aspects in Virtualized Embedded Systems Benjamin Weggenmann, Fraunhofer AISEC
  21.01. TUM-intern: A Systematic Study of Lightweight Hash Functions on FPGAs Matthias Hiller, TUM
  07.01. 17:30: TUM-intern: Diskussion Paper PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC

PhD Seminar 2014

  03.12. TUM-intern: Investigating Measurement Methods for High-Resolution Electromagnetic Field Side-Channel Analysis  Robert Specht, Fraunhofer AISEC
  19.11. Public: 1. Reconfigurable PUFs for FPGA-based SoCs 2. Statistic-Based Security Analysis of Ring Oscillator PUFs 1. Stefan Gehrer, Bosch 2. Florian Wilde, TUM
  05.11. Public: Evaluation of Bistable Ring PUFs Using Single Layer Neural Networks Dieter Schuster, Fraunhofer AISEC
  22.10. TUM-intern: Bericht zur CHES Konferenz Johann Heyszl Fraunhofer AISEC
  08.10. TUM intern: On Efficient Leakage-Resilient Pseudorandom Functions with Hard-to-Invert Leakages Fabrizio De Santis, TUM
  17.09. TUM intern: Risk Management in Embedded Devices using Metering Applications as Example Oscar Guillen TUM

Öffentlich:                                                               1. Ultra-small designs for inversion-based S-Boxes + 2. Closing the Gap Between Speed and Configurability of Multi-Bit Fault Emulation Environments for Security and Safety-Critical Designs

1. Markus Wamser TUM, 2. Ralph Nyberg, Fraunhofer AISEC
  09.07. Öffentlich:                                                               1. Seesaw: An Area-Optimized FPGA Viberti Decoder for PUFs 2. Design of an Interleaved Oscillation Canceller Filter (IOCF) for a Bistable Ring PUF 1. Matthias Hiller, TUM   2. Salvador Manich, UPC Barcelona

Öffentlich:Security Evaluation Supported by Information Security Mechanisms

Jakub Breier, Nanyang Technological University, Singapur
  11.06. Öffentlich: Discussion remaining topics on the past PhD Seminar (28.05.2014 DATE Conference) PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC

Öffentlich: Discussion on the past DATE Conference

PhD Candidates TUM + Fraunhofer AISEC
  07.05. Öffentlich: A Low Area Probing Detector for Security ICs Michael Weiner, TUM
  23.04. Öffentlich:On MILS I/O Sharing Targeting Avionic Systems Kevin Müller, EADS Innovation Works
  19.03. TUM intern: On Bistable Ring Response Evaluation Robert Hesselbarth, Fraunhofer AISEC



Öffentlich:1. Increasing the Efficiency of Syndrome Coding for PUFs with Helper Data Compression   2. Discussion of Programmable Lines on FPGAs

PhD Seminar 2013

Matthias Hiller, TUM 

Michael Weiner, TUM

  11.12. TUM intern: Balanced Routing of Dual-Rail Signals for DPA-Resistant Logic Styles in Xilinx FPGAs Vincent Immler, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  30.10. TUM intern: Crypto-Prozessor with Secure Key Management Lubos Gaspar, UCL, Belgium
  20.11. TUM-intern: On the Relationship Between Correlation Power Analysis and the Stochatic Approach: an ASIC Designer Perspective Fabrizio De Santis TUM,
  06.11. öffentlich: Hardware Trojans: Just the Tip of the Iceberg Nisha Jacob, Fraunhofer AISEC

öffentlich: Breaking through Fixed PUF Block Limitations with Differential Sequence Coding and Convolutional Codes

Matthias Hiller, TUM


TUM-intern: CHES and PROOFS 2013 - Summary and Hot Topics Fabrizio De Santis TUM, Johann Heyszl Fraunhofer AISEC
  10.09. öffentlich: Manipulationssensible Kopierschutzfolie Maxim Henning, Fraunhofer AISEC
  07.08. öffentlich: Pre-Selection of PUF Cells +           PUF Cell Simulation / Microcontroller PUF Maximilian Hofer + Christoph Böhm, Infineon Graz
  17.07. TUM-intern: Security Analysis of a widely developed Locking System Michael Weiner, TUM
  10.07. öffentlich: 1.Security based on Decision - Theroy - How to find a Worst-Case-Optimal Protection?       2. Differential Scan-Path. A Novel Solution for Secure Design-for- Testability 1.Stefan Rass, Universität Klagenfurt      2. Salvador Manich, UPC Barcelona
  03.07. öffentlich: A new Model of Estimating Bit Error Probabilities of Ring-Oscillator PUFs Matthias Hiller, TUM
  19.06. TUM-intern: A Cycle-Accurate Coprocessor Prototyping Platform for System-on-Chip Silvio Dragone, IBM Research GmbH

TUM-intern: Highlights of the Workshop on Applied Cryptography at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in March 2013

Marc Stöttinger, NTU und Matthias Hiller, TUM

  22.05. TUM-intern: On Implementing Trusted Boot for Embedded Systems Carsten Rolfes, Fraunhofer AISEC
  08.05. öffentlich: Mutating Runtime Architectures as a Countermeasure Against Power Analysis Attacks

Marc Stöttinger, Nanyang Technological University, Singapur

  17.04. öffentlich: Decreasing System Availability on a Avionic Multicore Proseccor Using Directly Assigned PCI Express Devices   Kevin Müller, EADS Innovation Works
  20.02. TUM-intern: Die FPGA-basierte Fehleremulation, eine Entwicklung des HaVerl Projekts Ralph Nyberg, Fraunhofer AISEC    
  06.02. Modeling of Bistable Inverter Rings to Improve the Design of Bistable Ring PUFs Robert Hesselbarth, Fraunhofer AISEC    
  23.01. Obfuscation Survey Philipp Zieris, Fraunhofer AISEC    


Security Considerations of Information Flows in Avionic with focus on Modern Embedded COTS Hardware Computer Architectures and Operating Systems using MILS Approaches

Kevin Müller, EADS Innovation Works




PhD Seminar 2012

  12.12. Konstruktion spezieller linearer Blockcodes aus 2-Bit-korrigierenden BCH-Codes Christian Badack, Universität Potsdam  
  14.11. CARDIS Vortrag Johann Heyszl, Fraunhofer AISEC   
  24.10. CHES 2012 Summary and Discussion of Hot Topics Fabrizio De Santis TUM, Johann Heyszl Fraunhofer AISEC  
  10.10. CHES 2012 Summary and Discussion of Hot Topics Fabrizio De Santis TUM, Johann Heyszl Fraunhofer AISEC  
  26.09. Evaluation of a Multi-Purpose Galois Field Accelerator Hermann Seuschek, TUM, Michael Weiner, TUM      
  05.09. Attestation of Mobile Baseband Stacks Steffen Wagner, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  18.07. Emerging trends to counteract physical attacks to cryptographic devices Fabrizio De Santis, TUM          
  04.07. Security and CE Device Integration in an  Automotive IP-based Communication Middleware Alexandre Bouard, BMW Forschung und Technik       


Reliability Bound and Channel Capacity of IBS-based Fuzzy Embedders

Matthias Hiller, TUM



Automated Web Emulation for Secure Operation of a Malware-Analysis Environment

Martin Brunner, Fraunhofer AISEC




Complementary IBS: Application Specific Error Correction for PUFs

Matthias Hiller, TUM



Detection of Probing Attempts in Secure IC's

Salvador Manich Bou, Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona (UPC)



Stuxnet und gezielte Angriffe gegen industrielle Kontrollsysteme

Heiko Patzlaff, Siemens AG Corporate Technology



A Cache Timing Attack on AES in Virtualization Environments

Michael Weiß, Fraunhofer AISEC



Localized Electromagnetic Analysis of Cryptographic  Implementations

Johann Heyszl, Fraunhofer AISEC



Linear regression models for side-channel analysis

Fabrizio De Santis, TUM


PhD Seminar 2011

  14.12. Evolution of Lightweight Cryptography Axel Poschmann, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore  
  23.11. Identitätsmanagement in kontextsensitiven Umgebungen – entitätszentriert und mehrseitig sicher Mario Hoffmann, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  19.10. Secure storage of cryptographic keys on vehicular networks Alexander Kiening, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  05.10. Semi-invasive EM Attack on FPGA RO PUFs and Countermeasures Dominik Merli, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  21.09. A Cost-Effective FPGA-based Fault Simulation Environment Johann Heyszl, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  20.07. An Attack on PUF-based Session Key Exchange and a Hardware-based Countermeasure: Erasable PUFs Ulrich Rührmair  
  06.07. Page-based Runtime Integrity Protection of User and Kernel Code Sascha Wessel, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  01.06. Side-Channel Analysis of PUFs and Fuzzy Extractors Dominik Merli, Fraunhofer AISEC  
  18.05. Ubiquitous Personal Information Management Jens Heider, Fraunhofer AISEC