Quantum Computers and Quantum Secure Communications

Lecturer (assistant)
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionEnglish
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At the end of this module, students 1) are able to understand the basic concepts of quantum computers and post-quantum cryptography; 2) are familiar with quantum and post-quantum algorithms; 3) understand the vulnerabilities of post-quantum cryptography implementations; 4) can evaluate the security and performance of Post-Quantum cryptographic implementations; and 5) can apply security countermeasures to post-quantum cryptographic implementations.


The course is comprised of a lecture accompanied by exercises and a project part.. The topics presented in the class are: 1) Introductory lecture; 2) Quantum computing and technologies; 3) Quantum algorithms; 4) Post-quantum algorithms general description; 5) Post-quantum implementation and evaluation; 6) Secure implementation.


Knowledge of programming, basics on security like it is taught in the lecture Embedded Systems and Security.