Media Technology Scientific Seminar

Lecturer (assistant)
TypeAdvanced seminar
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionGerman
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Admission information


Participants deepen their knowledge in the area of media technology. After completing the course, students are able to scientifically work on a topic in the area of media technology, write a scientific paper and give a scientific talk.


All participants will give a scientific talk (30min) on a certain topic. They will get references to related literature and further assistance, if required. In addition, they have to summarize the essentials in writing. The main aim of attending this seminar is to familiarize oneself with scientific working methods as well as gaining experience with modern techniques for speech and presentation. A special characteristic of the Media Technology Seminar is to focus on presentation techniques. In addition to general rhetoric rules, the use of different medias for presentations will be taught. The students will undergo a special training to improve their presentation skills.


No specific requirements

Teaching and learning methods

Every participant works on his/her own topic. The goal of the seminar is to train and enhance the ability to work independently on a scientific topic. Every participant is supervised individually by an experienced researcher. This supervisor helps the student to get started, provides links to the relevant literature and gives feedback and advice on draft versions of the paper and the presentation slides.. The main teaching methods are: - Computer-based presentations by the student - The students mainly work with high quality and recent scientific publications


- Scientific paper (30%) - Interaction with the supervisor and working attitude (20%) - Presentation (30 minutes) and discussion (15 minutes) (50%)

Recommended literature

The following literature is recommended: - will be announced in the seminar