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  • Kaynar, Furkan; Geißler, Peter; Demaret, Laurent; Seybold, Tamara; Stechele, Walter: Non-iterative Blind Deblurring of Digital Microscope Images with Spatially Varying Blur. In: 26th Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA 2022). Springer International Publishing, 2022 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )

Conference Papers

  • Kaynar, Furkan; Hofbauer, Markus; MacWilliams, Asa; Newman, Joseph; Hutter, Andreas; Steinbach, Eckehard: AR in VR: Augmented Reality Cues in 360-Degree Stereoscopic Telepresence for Remote Collaboration and Maintenance. 16th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2022 (CGVCVIP 2022), 2022 more… BibTeX