Seminar in Summer Semester 2023

Theme: Key Enablers for 6G Communication Networks

The fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G) has already begun to be deployed around the globe since 2020, providing lower latency and higher data rates, and therefore, potentially unlocking machine-to-machine sensing and communication. However, the concepts in 5G do not fulfill the requirements of emerging applications regarding the combination of latency, throughput, reliability, flexibility, etc. Thus, research is currently focusing on the development of the next generation (6G), which is supposed to be market-ready by 2030.

In 6G, the vision is to provide a human-centered communication platform that connects physical, digital and human worlds, extending human capabilities; going even beyond what has been achieved today by expanding the capacity and speed and to enable new applications. Real-time digital twins and telepresence, autonomous networks and vehicles, personal body-area networks, enhanced sustainability and more precise control on medical equipment are a few exemplary use-cases among many.

In order to reach those milestones, the integration of six key technologies is considered and focused on:

  • AI/ML-based networking systems
  • New spectrum technologies such as terahertz spectrum and LiFi
  • Network as a multi-sensor
  • (Automated) network adaption
  • Massive connectivity and sustainable communication
  • Trust, security and privacy

In this seminar, the goal is to learn how to study, present and write scientific reports while getting a better understanding of the objectives, challenges, key enablers, and current state-of-the-art methods of next-gen communication networks.

Important Notes!

  • This Seminar is only for MSEI Students.
  • The Kick-off presentation will take place on 17.04.2023 at 13:15.
  • Attention: This semester the seminar topics will be allocated during the Kick-Off following first-come-first-serve policy. If you would like to participate, please register in TUMonline and send an email to Nicolai Kröger (
  • Achtung: In diesem Semester werden die Seminarthemen während des Kick-Offs nach dem Windhundverfahren vergeben. Wenn Sie teilnehmen möchten, registrieren Sie sich bitte in TUMonline und senden Sie eine E-Mail an Nicolai Kröger (

Communication Networks Scientific Seminar

Lecturer (assistant)
TypeAdvanced seminar
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionGerman
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Admission information

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Note: The exact seminar topics will be announced and allocated during the kick-off meeting. Hence, for the participants it is mandatory to take part in the kick-off. For the specific time and date please refer to our chair's page: Registration on TUM Online is required. Note: Presentation and writing could be done in English as the materials are in English as well.


All participants will give a scientific talk (20min) on a certain topic. They will get references to related literature and further assistance, if required. In addition, they have to summarize the essentials in writing. The main aim of attending this seminar is to familiarize oneself with scientific working methods as well as gaining experience with modern techniques for speech and presentation. A special characteristic of the Communication Networks Seminar is the included course on presentation techniques during the first and second week. In this part, in addition to general rhetoric rules, the use of different medias for presentations will be taught. The students will undergo a special training in which video recording will be used to enable them to analyze and enhance their rhetoric skills.


Various topics on wired and wireless communication networks. Focus of this seminar is on latest research and technologies. For the actual topic and more information please refer to our chair's page:


Gutes Verständnis von Methoden und Systemen der Kommunikationsnetze (Architekturen, Protokolle, Algorithmen, Leistungsbewertung)

Teaching and learning methods

Every student summarizes relevant content of provided literature and prepares a scientific talk (20 min). In the scope of this seminar workshop on presentation technique is provided. The workshop takes place at two time slots, and cover general rhetorical, design and preparation guidelines. The workshop gives students the opportunity the practice their presentation skill in realistic scenarios. During the workshop video recording is used to give the students a realistic picture of how they act during a presentation.