BayernLabs 5G demo by LKN and LMT

LKN and LMT contribute 5G demo to BayernLabs in Nabburg

Prof. Kellerer explains the 5G demo to Albert Füracker (Foto: Xu/TUM)

On November 30, 2017 Albert Füracker, Staatssekretär im Bayrischen Staatsministerium der Finanzen, für Landesentwiklung und Heimat, celebrated the opening of the BayernLabs in Nabburg, Oberpfalz, Bavaria. The Chair of Communication Networks (Prof. W. Kellerer) and the Chair of Media Technology (Prof. Eckehard Steinbach) provided the special "Minister Demo" for this BayernLabs site, demonstrating the new dimension of communication opened with 5G. This 5G demonstrator combines haptic communication (focus of the Chair of Media Technology) and low-latency wireless communication (focus of the Chair of Communication Networks) providing haptic communication experience in form of a game that can only be achieved with next generation (5G) wireless communication. The demo is accessible to the public during opening hours if the BayernLabs in Nabburg.

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