Our paper "Optimal Finite Horizon Scheduling of Wireless Networked Control Systems" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Networking

Polina Kutsevol received the IEEE SECON 2023 Best Demo Award

CDTM/6G-life Trend Report available for download

The new course by CDTM/LKN had its final presentations on July 12, 2023

On Monday June 19, 2023 Prof Martin Reisslein (Arizona State University, USA) gives a presentation in room 0406 on "Navigating the Virtualization World Towards 6G: Agility, Reliability, Shannon and Beyond"

BMBF 6G research hub 6G-life had an own booth at ICC 2023 in Rome, Italy

The 29th edition of the magazine "Faszination Forschung" features an article about our project "6G Future Lab Bavaria"

The Supervisory Board of the WIK (Wissenschaftliches Institut für Infrastruktur und Kommunikation) has appointed Prof. Kellerer as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Fidan Mehmeti received the Best Paper Award at IEEE CCNC 2023

LKN very successful at the ACM SIGMETRICS 2023 conference (Fall deadline)

Recent Publications

  • Kutsevol, Polina; Ayan, Onur; Pappas, Nikolaos; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Goal-Oriented Transport Layer Protocols for Wireless Control. IEEE SECON, 2023 more…
  • Kutsevol, Polina; Ayan, Onur; Pappas, Nikolaos; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Experimental Study of Transport Layer Protocols for Wireless Networked Control Systems. IEEE SECON, 2023 more…
  • Ayvaşık, Serkut; Babaians, Edwin; Papa, Arled; Deshpande, Yash; Jano, Alba; Kellerer, Wolfgang; Steinbach, Eckehard: Demo: Remote Robot Control with Haptic Feedback over the Munich 5G Research Hub Testbed. 2023 IEEE 24th International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM), IEEE, 2023 more…