LDV winns Software Campus Science Slam 2022

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Stefan Röhrl auf dem Software Campus Summit 2022 (c) Matthias Merz

After a long break, researchers, industry partners, funders and project coordinators finally met again for a Software Campus Summit. In addition to the opportunity for scientific and personal exchange, the program once again offered the Science Slam format, in which active program participants and alumni compete. In a five-minute popular science presentation, the candidates try to infect the audience with their enthusiasm and humor. In three preliminary rounds and one final round, the international audience chooses the winner and awards a €600 value voucher, sponsored by DATEV, for the broad experience program of Jochen Schweizer.

Our colleague Stefan Röhrl (CellPhaser) won against 25 other participants. His contribution about the intuitive machine learning platform for the analysis of holographic cell images convinced the audience. Congratulations!

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