Work stations for Students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Purchase of printing quota:

  • Please provide the money within the envelope in the postbox vis-à-vis room Z952
  • Clearance of the postbox 2x daily
  • alternatively you can buy a Pre-Paid Card in the Studiendekanat N2150 at the opening hours

Only coins >= 50 EUROcent and notes are accepted. Attention: the quota is only valid for printers provided by LDV and only for printers in the EIKON!

Work stations / Rooms

EIKON-Tower Ground floor and first floor in total 70 work stations

Room -1947, building 9, 1. Basement (1. UG) containing 20 work stations
These computers are sometimes occupied during lecture period, e.g. for Praktika

(Room -1993, building 9, 1. Basement (1. UG) containing 12 work stations.) Closed because of administrative reasons

Opening hours

For all EIKON-Rooms:
daily 7:00 - 21:00 h
(as well on weekends, holidays and during semester break)

Login and operating systems

Operating systems are OpenSuSE  and Ubuntu (only room -1993).
For login (with TUM-ID and TUMonline-Password) are different GUIs available.

Additionally a virtual Windows Desktop can be used.
In this case please select "Windows 7" at Login.



Please register the ID of your StudentCard for access to the Eikon-rooms:
Enter Card ID here (only the 6-digit number after the letter, red encircled)

Questions concerning Eikon (e.g. Login, printing)

are explained in the Eikon-FAQ`s (German only).
Please read first before asking for help!
Maybe your fellow student can help as well.

For problems you cannot solve please contact: support@eikon.tum.de

Emails should include:
Name, first name, Matrikelnumber, TUM-ID (lrz ID), date, and name of computer.
Please explain your problem with a few significant words.


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