Seminar Maschinelle Intelligenz
Dozent: Klaus Diepold, Michael Zwick
Assistenten: Alice Hein (Winter), Sven Gronauer und Matthias Kissel (Sommer)
Zielgruppe: Master
Turnus: Sommersemester + Wintersemester
Anmeldung: Siehe TumOnline
Zeit & Ort:  
Beginn: 18.10.2022


The topic of the Machine Intelligence Seminar for the winter term 2022-23 is Machine Thinking. We are going to explore and discuss various models of machine thinking and its relation to human mind.

The seminar is limited to 20 - 30 participants. To qualify for participation, you start researching for models mimicking the process of thought within in the first week of the lecture period and write a 1/2 page mini essay about your findings. We will provide feedback about your participation just before the 2nd lecture.

For the remaining of the lecture period, we are going to collaboratively researching and discussing topics regarding the process of machine thinking. Therefore, you are going to write and review short essays and do some presentations on selected topics.