Data Driven Innovation
Dozentin: Sonja Zillner
Assistent: Thomas Volk, Alice Hein
Zielgruppe: Master
Umfang: 2/0/1 (SWS Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum)
Turnus: Wintersemester
Anmeldung: TUMOnline
Zeit & Ort: 21./22.10. & 28./29.10.2020 (Block-Kurs) via zoom, Fragestunde nach Rücksprache


We will discuss and work with methods that allow us

  • to understand the nature and characteristics of data driven innovation
  • to investigate and explore user needs of a particular customer segment
  • to systematically acquire and manage data sources
  • to explore the data value chain covering the range of necessary data processing steps
  • for developing insights in data analytics models
  • to get practical insights for generating business models
  • to understand the dynamics and impact of the associated ecosystems

At the end of the course, students have developed a basic understanding of and practical skills in developing and implementing data-driven innovations. They are able to investigate and discover user / customer needs and align those to identified data opportunities. The students are familiar with the necessary data processing steps along the data value chain. In addition, they have acquired skills to scope data-driven business models as well as to position new offerings in the associated ecosystem/network.