Neuroengineering Symposium

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Gordon Cheng [L]
  • Stefan Ehrlich
Duration1 SWS
TermWintersemester 2017/18
Language of instructionEnglish
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Admission information

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Note: "Students present results of at least one of their two independent research projects in form of posters and short research talks to their peers and their advisors, followed by question/answer sessions and a poster session for individual discussions. Students are also requested to attend at least one (out of two) preparatory meetings preceding the actual summit and present their poster and talk obtain feedback from their peers and their advisor. "


After successful completion of the NeuroEngineering Summit students are able to present and to defend their own research work amongst peers and advisors. They know how to prepare research posters and short presentations.


Students prepare poster and presentations of at least one of their two independent research projects. Two preceding events in which the students get the chance to rehearse their talks and present their posters before the actual summit. Each talk will be discussed and feedback will be provided on how to improve. On the day of the NeuroEngineeringSummit students present their research project in short research talks and with the help of their poster in personal interactive discussions among their peers and their advisors (scientific "poster session").


At least one successfully completed research project.

Teaching and learning methods

Group work to discuss and to prepare posters and presentations; individual work to prepare posters and presentations.