Humanoid robot H-1

ICS' the first full-size humanoid robot H-1 is a biped human-sized robot (1.65 m length and 80 kg weight). It has a total of 44 degrees of freedom (number of single-axis rotational joints). The hands with 5 fingers can hold up to 1 kg. The robot walks with a speed of maximum 1.5 km/h. With frequent movement the batteries lasts up to 3 hours.

As the robot runs with ROS, the fast prototyping and testing of new algorithms and control approaches by simplifying the deployment and implementation of algorithms for sensor data acquisition, control schemes, visualization both in the real robot or in simulation is much easier.

The robot was then covered with artificial robot skin so it can easier interact with its environment. All the details are explained in the press release of TUM.

More technical details on the website of the company producing this type of robot. 

A first video of the robot can be seen on TUM's YouTube channel.

 The robot was funded by DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) in the program "Major Research Instrumentation". The tender documents can be read at the TED (tenders electronic daily).