ICS Research Seminar for Doctoral Students

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Gordon Cheng [L]
  • Stefan Ehrlich
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2019
Language of instructionGerman
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Augusto Francisco May 22, 16:30h

Speaker Date Title Materials
Dr. Pablo Lanillos, ICS April, 24/ 16:30h SELFCEPTION: neuro-inspired robotic body perception and action  
Artur Speiser, CNE May 15, 16:30h Teaching deep neural networks to localize sources in super-resolution microscopy via simulation-based and unsupervised learning Abstract
Augusto Francisco, TU Dresden, visiting researcher ICS May 22, 16:30h Sociology of technology and humanoid robotics: how do engineers and scientists make the iCub robot work? Abstract
Thomas Eiband, HCR May 29, 16:30h Learning Conditional Tasks by Demonstration of Multiple Solutions with an Application to Fault Recovery Abstract
Dr. David Navarro-Alarcon, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  June 19, 16:30h Shape Servoing of Deformable Objects: Modelling, Estimation, and Control Abstract
Poornima Ramesh, CNE, TUM  July 3, 16:30h Adversarial Training of Neural Encoding Models Abstract
Jan Bölts, CNE, TUM July 17, 16:30h Bayesian inference for synaptic connectivity rules in anatomically realistic cortical connectomes Abstract
Karna Potwar, HCR, TUM July 24, 16:30h Simulating bipedal walking using a translating center of pressure Abstract