Doctoral Research Seminar on "Sensory Substitution and Brain Plasticity"

The next Doctoral Research Seminar will be about "Sensory Substitution and Brain Plasticity" presented by Nicolas Berberich, ICS/TUM.

Patients without sensation in their feet due to peripheral neuropathy or spinal cord injury have difficulty with balancing and walking. For patients with sensory loss in other modalities such as vision or hearing, sensory substitution devices have shown to be effective assistive technologies. To support the ethical design and user acceptance of novel assistive systems, the inclusion of patients from the start of the development process is an important factor. In this talk, I will present the human-centered design and evaluation of a sensory substitution device together with a multiple sclerosis patient lacking somatosensation in the feet. I will also discuss plans and ideas for future clinical and neuroimaging studies in the context of the eXprt innovation network to investigate the neuroscientific foundations of sensory substitution learning through neural plasticity and embodiment.

January 23, 2023 11:00 - 12:00
Seminar Room 2026 (Karlstr. 45)