Doctoral Research Seminar on "Development of different types of soft sensors for soft wearable robotics"

The next Doctoral Research Seminar is titled "Development of different types of soft sensors for soft wearable robotics" by  John Nassour ICS/TUM

Biomechanical sensors are essential components for wearable robots because of their broad spectrum of industrial and medical applications. A wide range of these sensors uses soft materials with deformation-related electrical properties, namely variable resistors and capacitors. I will present the development and implementation of different soft sensors using soft, elastic, and textile structures. Thanks to the multi-layered arrangement of sensors, it is possible to estimate the curved shape (e.g., soft robotic finger) and the amount of pressure that is exerted on different points of it (e.g., the object grasped by a soft hand). I also present the preparation of conductive materials with different conductive properties, and the implementation in a data glove that measures abduction adduction of the hand and the finger flexion (i.e., MCP and PIP joints). The proposed sensory glove overcomes challenges of comfort, rigidity, and robustness. It can be used, therefore, to replicate human hand motion in industrial and medical applications.

July 10th, 2023, 10:30 am - 11:30 am in room 2026, Karlstr. 45.