Research topics

Increasing connectivity among embedded systems (Internet of Things) demands security functions to ensure a reliable and safe operation. Our research on Physical Unclonable Functions provides unique identities and cryptographic keys in embedded systems, which are key components for future security. Furthermore we develope energy and resource efficient cryptographic implementations and protection mechanism in order to prevent implementation attacks, which recover secrets by measuring behavior of embedded systems or injecting faults. To speed up the design of secure hardware we develope tools to detect weaknesses in implementations as early as possible. Contrary to classic cryptanalysis, we focus on implementation attacks, which are a major threat for embedded systems. Our work extends the boundaries of known attacks in order to include countermeasures before systems are shipped in large quantities.

Today, methods and systems of electrical engineering and information technology are used almost everywhere spanning from automotive construction to medicine or from telecommunications to satellite navigation (GPS). The TUM Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering addresses this widely spread research area by focusing its research activities in centers of competence (CoCs), where research groups cooperate together on extended research topics. 

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