IT security for embedded and cyber physical systems for the Internet-of-Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging computing paradigm where smart devices and appliances are connected to the Internet. Smart devices have build in embedded systems which are computers that are designed specifically for the device. Although this smart devices offer a lot of new possibilities, the increasing complexity of hard and software and the (wireless) network access also increases the vulnerability to security attacks.

Before, control systems for manufacturing sites, power plants, water works, etc. where, if at all, connected to a network based on proprietary and closed infrastructures. Currently, there is a trend that these systems are using public networks based on well known technology. This emerging control systems are named Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and have a lot of similarities with the IoT.

Successful attacks targeted to IoT devices or CPS have in common that not only a computer is affected but also technical systems allowing interaction with the physical world. This could lead to malfunction of devices and control systems with severe financial losses or in the worst case to danger to life and limb. 

The research in our institute brings together different aspects of security

  • Secure implementation of embedded hard- and software with respect of side channel analysis
  • Tools to support developers in designing secure systems
  • Integration of standard hardware security modules into embedded systems
  • Architectures for secure hardware/software systems