Open Guided Research, BSc and MSc Thesis Topics

We are offering topics in the context of and complementing our research projects. Below is a short list of some of the open topics. Please contact us to learn more about those. And, since any list may be out of date, please also check with us about other emerging topics or your own ideas. The homepage for chair members can be found here

We are primarily a systems research group, so usually expect to do some kind of real world prototype system and/or simulator code implementation and evaluation. This may include putting together hardware for testbeds or evaluation systems and sometimes user studies. In some cases, we'll look for solid mathematical modeling and analysis, likely paired with simulations.

We expect all theses to be written in English. We further expect all parts of the theses to be written by the student and not generative AI. If you refer to existing work and other content, you need to properly cite your sources. You can find more information about citations in the comprehensive TUM Citation Guide. We will check all submitted documents with automated tools for plagiarism and AI-generated content.

Formal guidelines and information about the formatting and the submission of a thesis can be found here.

To apply for a topic, please send an email to the respective supervisor including a letter of motivationCV, and a transcript of your completed courses.

Note: For the majority of the thesis topics, the candidate is required to undergo a trial period of the duration of one month during which his/her capabilities will be assessed. Such requirement implies that the official thesis registration date will be accordingly moved. Exceptions are possible based on the advisor discretion.

List of Topics (Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Guided Research, Application Project)

Topic Title

Keywords Type Advisor/s
Adapting Heuristic Evaluation Methods for Early-Stage Recommender Systems User Interface Design Recommender Systems, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) BT Wolfgang Wörndl
Edge-Testbed Management Plane Edge, Testbed, Cloudlab, Management Plane IDP Raphael Hetzel
Deterministic Computation in Edgeless Edgeless, Serverless, Deterministic MT, GR Raphael Hetzel
Isolating Actors using Linux KVM Edgeless, Serverless, KVM MT, GR Raphael Hetzel
Enhancing Sustainable Travel Recommendations Using Retrieval-Augmented Generation Tourism Recommender Systems, Sustainability, NLP, LLMs  GR/AP Ashmi Banerjee
Multipath RF and Optical link transmissions in LEO satellites simulation, LEO, multipath MT Nitinder Mohan

Transport protocol extensions for fast (real-time) edge offloading 

transport protocols, Wi-Fi, edge offloading, AR MT Jörg OttNitinder Mohan
Designing a timely control plane for edge orchestration frameworks Age-of-Information, orchestration, edgeIO, edge computing BT/MT/GR Nitinder Mohan
Simulator for autonomous load distribution in massively parallel edge processing simulation, edge processing,  MT/GR Jörg Ott

Emulation of automotive networking protocols for the Environment for Generic In-vehicle Networking Experiments

emulation, simulation, TSN, IVN, CAN, EnGINE IDP/GR Marcin Bosk
Data sources for ICN/NDN traffic in IVNs video, lidar, ICN, NDN, TSN, IVN, EnGINE BT/IDP/GR Marcin Bosk
Layer 2 Priority Enforcement in Named-Data Networking for Low-Latency Communication low-latency, ICN, NDN, TSN, IVN, EnGINE MT/BT/IDP/GR Marcin Bosk
Interaction of High Bitrate NICs with Time-Sensitive Networking Traffic Shaping TSN, IVN, qdisc, traffic shaping, EnGINE BT/IDP/GR Marcin Bosk
Operating System and Software Optimization for Real-Time and Time-Sensitive Networking Experiments TSN, Linux, Linux networking, CPU isolation, qdisc, EnGINE BT/IDP/GR Marcin Bosk
Revisiting multipath schedulers with MPQUIC in mind Rust, QUIC, Multipath BT/MT

Nitinder Mohan, Hendrik Cech

Protocol Implementation and Evaluation of Multicast-based Distributed Consensus (mDCS)

IPv6, multicast, eBPF, Internet Emulation MT David Guzman (david.guzman [at]
Emulation of Backbone Networks in Hyperscalers Internet Measurements, Internet Emulation MT

David Guzman (david.guzman [at]

Justus Fries

Learning-based scheduler for Multipath Transport Protocol design, Machine learning MT Nitinder Mohan, Hendrik Cech
QUIC NAT Traversal NAT Traversal, ICE, QUIC, Real-time Media MT/GR Mathis Engelbart
Containerize and Modularize Server Applications with WebAssembly QUIC, Linux, Rust, Go, WASM, Docker BT/MT Benedikt Spies
Investigating the Impact of Shared Congestion Control Across QUIC Streams on Network Performance Tests Transport Protocols, Congestion Control, QUIC, WebTransport BT/GR/IDP Justus Fries
Exploring Reactive Synthesis for Congestion Control Transport Protocols, Congestion Control, Formal Methods IDP/GR/MT Justus Fries
Low-Impact, Continuous Network Performance Measurements for Connected Autonomous Vehicles Transport Protocols, Congestion Control BT/IDP Justus Fries
Declarative, Reproducible and Accurate Network Emulation Internet Measurements BT/IDP/GR/MT Justus Fries
Towards Graph-based Querying of Internet Measurement Platforms Internet Measurements, Ontology Engineering IDP/MT Justus Fries
Investigating the Scalability of Distributed DDS (ROS2) - Towards Internet-Scale (and potentially a comparison with Media over QUIC) Internet Measurements, DDS, Robotics IDP/MT Justus Fries
MASQUE and Multipath QUIC for 5G Transport Protocols, Multipath, WLAN, 5G IDP/MT Justus FriesMehmet Mert Beşe