Marcin Bosk, M.Sc.

E-Mail: bosk [AT]
Phone: +49 89 289-17356 (limited reachability)
Office: 01.05.041

TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology
Chair of Connected Mobility (I11)
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching

Marcin is a Researcher and a PhD Student at the Chair of Connected Mobility at Technical University of Munich. He obtained his Bachelor’s (2018) and Master’s (2020) degrees in “Computer Engineering” at the Technical University of Berlin. His research is mostly focused on Time-Sensitive and In-Vehicular networks, with special interest on novel and cross-layer approaches to their realization. He is also interested in the 5G and beyond mobile network architecture, especially considering network slicing and QoE-aware network management. 

Research Interests

  • Novel Approaches to In-Vehicular Networks
  • Time Sensitive Networking
  • Discrete Event Simulation (OMNeT++)
  • 5G Mobile Networks and Network Slicing
  • Infromation-Centric Networking

Thesis Topics

In case you are interested in an open thesis topic, feel free to get in touch via mail! When applying for a topic please follow the guidelines from here.

Legend: BT = Bachelor Thesis; MT = Master Thesis; IDP = Interdisciplinary Project; GR = Guided Research

Open Topics:

  • IDP/GR/BT - Impact of Content Store and its Timeout on Real-Time Traffic in Information-Centric Networks
    • Investigate the impact of data caching duration and settings on real-time traffic in ICN
  • IDP/GR/BT/MTCaching support for deterministic, low-latency, communication in Information-Centric Networks
    • Investigate the feasibility of using ICN caching capabilities for latency-critical and time-sensitive network traffic
  • IDP/GR/BT - Data sources for ICN/NDN traffic in IVNs
    • Prepare realistic ICN/NDN traffic sources, e.g., camera or lidar for experimentation with the EnGINE framework
  • IDP/GR/BTOperating System and Software Optimization for Real-Time and Time-Sensitive Networking Experiments
    • Improve our understanding of Operating System and Software Artifacts in networking experiments
    • Prepare improves OS and software integration for the EnGINE Framework
  • IDP/GR/BT/MT - Minimizing Latency of Information-Centric Networks with Application-Aware Data Pre-Fetching
    • Use predictive mechanisms or reservation methods to proactively populate caches in ICN routers
    • Consider strict latency (age of data) requirements present in TSN
  • IDP/GR/BT/MTSoft-state Caching to Minimize Overhead in Information-Centric Networks
    • Keep soft-state for ICN interests to minimize network traffic
  • BT/MTEmulation of automotive networking protocols for the Environment for Generic In-vehicle Networking Experiments
    • Prepare and assess a method for generation of IVN CAN/FlexRay traffic for the EnGINE framework
    • Topic description

If you have ideas/interest in a different topic that aligns with my research and research interests, let me know!

In Progress:

  • IDP - Integration of Security Protocols into an Intra-Vehicle Networks Communication System
  • MT - Realization of the QoE-Aware Resource Allocation in 5G RAN using Network Slicing
    • Details on 5G Core QoE-Aware Resource Allocation in publication "Using 5G QoS Mechanisms to Achieve QoE-Aware Resource Allocation" (see below)
    • Focus mostly on network slicing aspect in 5G RAN
    • Co advisor(s): Mehmet Mert Bese, Marija Gajić
  • BT - Interaction of rate-limited network interfaces with TSN queuing disciplines
    • Apply rate limiting at network interfaces and investigate the behavior of TSN queuing disciplines
    • Co advisor(s): Filip Rezabek
  • MTReal-time Performance Analysis of QoE-aware Resource Allocation​​​​​​​
  • MT - Resource Optimized Multi-path Routing For LEO Constellations
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Co advisor(s): Hendrik Cech
  • IDP - Dashboard and Graphical User Interface for Networking Experimentation with the EnGINE Framework
    • Prepare a dashboard, graphical confuguration interface, and demo mode for the EnGINE Framework
    • Co advisor(s): Filip Rezabek


  • MT - Modeling and Simulation of TSN-Enabled Experiments and Their Validation in an Emulated Environment
  • BTPreparation and validation of a custom Linux kernel for Time-Sensitive Networking experiments
    • Author: Pierre Ballif; 2022
    • Create and assess a custom Linux kernel for In-Vehicular Network and Time-Sensitive Networking experiments within the EnGINE framework
  • IDPEmulation of Network Traffic for Applications in Autonomous Driving



  • Simulation and Practice: A Hybrid Experimentation Platform for TSN
    Accepted for publication in the Proc. of IFIP NETWORKING, 2023.
    Marcin Bosk*, Filip Rezabek*, Johannes Abel, Kilian Holzinger, Max Helm, Georg Carle, Jörg Ott
  • TSN Experiments Using COTS Hardware and Open-Source Solutions: Lessons Learned
    Second International Workshop on Negative Results in Pervasive Computing (PerFail), 2023.
    Filip Rezabek*, Marcin Bosk*, Georg Carle, Jörg Ott
    • ! Best Paper Award in Second International Workshop on Negative Results in Pervasive Computing !
    • Paper
    • Slides


  • Methodology and Infrastructure for TSN-based Reproducible Network Experiments
    IEEE Access, 2022.
    Marcin Bosk*, Filip Rezabek*, Kilian Holzinger, Angela G. Marino, Abdoul A. Kane, Francesc Fons, Jörg Ott, Georg Carle
  • EnGINE: Flexible Research Infrastructure for Reliable and Scalable Time Sensitive Networks
    Journal of Network and Systems Management (JNSM) Special Issue on High Precision, Predictable, Low-Latency Networking, 2022.
    Filip Rezabek*, Marcin Bosk*, Thomas Paul, Kilian Holzinger, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Angela Gonzalez, Abdoul Kane, Francesc Fons, Zhang Haigang, Georg Carle, Jörg Ott
  • Demonstrating QoE-aware 5G Network Slicing Emulated with HTB in OMNeT++
    IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2022.
    Marija Gajic*, Marcin Bosk*, Susanna Schwarzmann, Stanislav Lange, Thomas Zinner


  • Demo: Environment for Generic In-Vehicular Network Experiments - EnGINE
    IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), 2021.
    Marcin Bosk*, Filip Rezabek*, Kilian Holzinger, Angela Gonzalez, Abdoul Kane, Francesc Fons, Zhang Haigang, Georg Carle, and Jörg Ott
  • EnGINE: Developing a Flexible Research Infrastructure for Reliable and Scalable Intra-Vehicular TSN Networks
    3rd International Workshop on High-Precision, Predictable, and Low-Latency Networking, 2021.
    Filip Rezabek, Marcin Bosk, Thomas Paul, Kilian Holzinger, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Angela Gonzalez, Abdoul Kane, Francesc Fons, Zhang Haigang, Georg Carle, and Jörg Ott.
  • Using 5G QoS Mechanisms to Achieve QoE-Aware Resource Allocation.
    17th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), 2021.
    Marcin Bosk*, Marija Gajić*, Susanna Schwarzmann, Stanislav Lange, Riccardo Trivisonno, Clarissa Marquezan, and Thomas Zinner.
  • HTBQueue: A Hierarchical Token Bucket Implementation for the OMNeT++/INET Framework. 
    8th OMNeT++ Community Summit, 2021. 
    Marcin Bosk*, Marija Gajić*, Susanna Schwarzmann, Stanislav Lange, and Thomas Zinner.


  • Estimating Video Streaming QoE in the 5G Architecture Using Machine Learning.
    Internet-QoE'19, 2019.
    Susanna Schwarzmann, Clarissa Cassales Marquezan, Marcin Bosk, Huiran Liu, Riccardo Trivisonno, and Thomas Zinner

* Contributed equally