Connected Mobility Basics (IN2324)

Course Description

Billions of users are connected to the Internet and make extensive use of an ever growing number and diversity of network-based services, whose demands are constantly increasing. And more and more users access the network from mobile devices, in their home and office, but also on the move. Mobility of users and their devices (as well as mobile devices not carried by humans) poses a challenge to network operators and cloud service providers alike to satisfy the user expectations in terms of reliability and responsiveness (among others).

In this course, we will explore the basics of keeping mobile users and devices connected in (hopefully) somewhat encompassing breadth, with different levels of depth. We will only briefly recap lower layer wireless technologies and we will also keep security aspects short (as those are well covered by other courses). We will instead focus on network to application layer aspects and at system design.

The following list offers a rough outline of the topics we expect to cover:

  • Connected mobile systems by example
  • Mobile networks (just a recap)
  • Mobility modeling: generic, human, and vehicular mobility models
  • Mobile networking: mobility support at the network, transport, and application layers
  • Mobile offloading
  • Mobile measurements: network performance and quality of experience
  • Ethics in mobile measurements and services
  • Privacy and security aspects
  • Mobile services: architectures, system design, evaluation

The course will combine lectures and self-studies (with brief student presentations) with (likely) three theoretical and practical (Java-based coding, scripting, evaluation) assignments.

Connected Mobility Basics Course in Moodle

Important Information

Location: Room 01.07.023
  • Tuesday 14 - 16
  • Wednesday 10 - 12
  • Friday 12 - 14

First lecture will be given on October 17, 2023.

This course is designed (and has a seminar room for) a class size of 30–40 students. While we cannot and do not want to limit participation (e.g., using FCFS), please only join if you intend to carry through this quite intense class.