Practical Course: Open Source Lab

Important Information

Course Description

This practical course is designed as an introduction into the field of Open Source developement. After a handful of introductory lectures, every student will work on their own or in a small team on one or multiple pull requests for Open Source projects.

Such Open Source projects could be BBB, GNU or TUM-dev. Interaction with the Open Source community is encouraged.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Git basics
  • GitHub, GitLab, ...
  • Licences
  • Utilities like Static Analyzer, Linter, etc.
  • CI/CD

Learning outcomes / study goals

At the end of the module students have acquired basics and advanced knowledge in working with Open Source projects and contributing to them. The students have understood how to start their own Open Source projects and select a proper License. Furthermore, the students have understood which tools like static analysis, continuous integration and linter they could use to validate their contribution before creating an actual pull request.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures with hands-on sessions in the first phase, working on their own projets with biweekly intermediate presentations in the second phase.




  • Prof. Jörg Ott
  • Fabian Sauter
  • Christian Menges
  • Alexander Stephan

If you're very interested in taking this course, please send an email of motivation to opensourcelab[at] to increase your chance of getting matched to the course (Due date: 27.07.2022). Please follow the application guidelines described in the pre-meeting slides.