Luis Torres-Figueroa, M.Sc

Foto von Luis Angel Torres Figueroa

Research Interests

  • Cellular and MIMO communication systems (PHY layer)
  • Software-defined and cognitive radios
  • Increased PHY-layer security for ad-hoc M2M and V2X communications within the NewCom project
  • Signal processing
  • Information theory
  • Sensor networks and distributed systems

For a description of my previous projects, please visit my personal website.

Publications (MediaTUM)

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  • L. Torres-Figueroa, M. Hörmann, M. Wiese, U.J. Mönich, H. Boche, O. Holschke, M. Geitz: Implementation of Physical Layer Security into 5G NR Systems and E2E Latency Assessment. IEEE Global Communications Conference, IEEE, 2022GLOBECOM 2022 mehr…


  • L. Torres-Figueroa, U.J. Mönich, J. Voichtleitner, A. Frank, V.-C. Andrei, M. Wiese, H. Boche: Experimental Evaluation of a Modular Coding Scheme for Physical Layer Security. IEEE Global Communications Conference, IEEE, 2021GLOBECOM 2021 mehr…
  • R. Ferrara, L. Torres-Figueroa, H. Boche, C. Deppe, W. Labidi, U.J. Mönich, V.-C. Andrei: Practical implementation of identification codes. arXiv, CoRR/Cornell University, 2021, mehr…