Dr. Harutyun Aydinyan

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  • H. Aydinian: A subspace covering problem in the n-cube. Discrete Applied Mathematics (vol. 216, Part 3), 2017, 513-517 mehr… Volltext ( DOI )
  • H. Aydinian, H. Boche: Fractional repetition codes based on partially ordered sets. 2017 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW), IEEE, 2017 mehr…


  • A. Frank, H. Aydinian, H. Boche: Type II wiretap channel with an active eavesdropper in finite blocklength regime. IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, IEEE, 2016, 258-263 mehr…
  • H. Aydinian, F. Cicalese, C. Deppe, V. Lebedev: A Combinatorial Model of Two-Sided Search. SOFSEM 2016: Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Springer, 201642nd International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, 148-160 mehr…