Joint Communication and Sensing

In the future 6G standard, data rates and time sensitivity orders of magnitude higher than what are currently available, as well as connectivity for all things and digital twins are envisioned. One of the key drivers towards enabling this massive digital transformation is integrated, or joint communication and sensing (JCAS) [3], which offers radio sensing services such as localization, object detection and classification along with communications capabilities, all under a unified hardware platform.

Here at ACES Lab we focus on theory, implementation and applications of joint communication and sensing systems, in particular:

  1. Waveform, beamforming, scheduling and resource allocation for JCAS systems
  2. Parameter estimation and data detection in JCAS systems
  3. Sensing-assisted resilient and secure communications
  4. JCAS-enabled distributed localization and navigation
  5. System design and deployment on autonomous robots and drones