Team Jackalope Excels at the 2024 ICASSP e-Prevention Challenge

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We are delighted to announce that our two research associates, Alice Hein and Sven Gronauer, achieved outstanding results at the 2nd e-Prevention ICASSP Grand Challenge focused on detecting mental health relapses using wearable sensor data. Their submission ranked 1st in the psychotic relapse detection track (Track 2) and 3rd in the non-psychotic relapse detection track (Track 1), making it the only entry to place in the top 3 for both tracks.

The e-Prevention Challenge provided participants with an extensive dataset of continuous recordings from wearable sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors, along with supplementary data such as sleep patterns, daily step counts, and demographics. Participants were tasked with developing innovative algorithms to analyze this multimodal data for early signs of potential mental health relapses.

About the e-Prevention Project

The e-Prevention project aims to develop an integrated digital phenotyping system leveraging wearable biosensors and AI techniques to facilitate effective monitoring and relapse prevention for patients with mental disorders. More details are available at: