Komputer & Creativität
Dozent: Klaus Diepold
Assistent: Stefan Röhrl, Luca Sacchetto
Zielgruppe: Bachelor
Umfang: (SWS Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum)
Sprache Deutsch
Turnus: Wintersemester
Anmeldung: TUMOnline ab sofort
Platzvergabe: Fixplätze werden in der ersten Vorlesung vergeben
Modus Präsenzveranstaltung  (3G-Regel) 
Zeit & Ort:

Mittwochs 13:15 - 16:30, Z995 


erste Vorlesung 20.10.2021



Computational Creativity is a part of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which deals the creation of machines, which have creative capabilities.The course focuses on acquiring basic understanding of the concept of creativity in humans and machines as well as practical skills for the S/W implementation of exemplary machines with creative capabilities. The students will be familiar with the necessary data processing steps to conceptualize and implement such concepts. To this end, students are expected to have some level of proficiency with a modern programming language (C++, Java, Python, Matlab). 

At the end of the course, students have developed a basic understanding for various concepts of creativity. They have acquired practical skills in developing and implementing creative machines in software. In addition, they have acquired skills to understand corresponding implementations and to evaluate them.

The course consists partially on frontal teaching with beamer slides and black/white board. This is complemented with discussions and working session in small teams to learn and explore new approaches and concepts by means of practical examples, exercises, and guiding questions. The working sessions will cover all steps required for designing and developing creative machines. Students will work in a small team on a semester project. Intermediate results will be presented during the semester. The homeworks and semester project will guide students in acquiring skills in problem solving as well as conceptual thinking by combining a) the content presented in the lecture with b) practical investigations and c) insight received by studying scientific literature.

Access to the Course

Because the course includes a series of practical workshops, the number of participants is limited to 20. The requirement for receiving a place in the course ("Fixplatz") is the completion of a Homework to be submitted before the start of the lectures. The "Fixplätze" will be randomly selected among those who completed the homework. Further informations will be communicated per e-mail once registered for the course in TUMOnline. 

Before registering for the course make sure you fullfill the following requirements:

  • No other overlapping courses
  • Active participation in discussions and group work
  • Participation to the workshops (prospectively on the 27.10, 24.11. and 15.12)
  • Fulfillment of the "3G-Regel" (vaccinated, recovered or tested)

For any question relating to the course please contact kc@ldv.ei.tum.de