New Daedalus 2.0 Hands-On Workshops | Threat Modeling

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Prepare to embark on an exciting journey with Daedalus 2.0
Hands-On Workshops, where the realms of Cyber Security 
and Threat Modeling converge!

Join us as we dive into cutting-edge technologies, unravel the mysteries of cloud-based solutions, and fortify your defenses against digital threats.

Key Takeaways:

By the end of this workshop, participants will have gained:

  • A basic understanding of secure architecture and design 
  • Decompose a systems architecture considering security aspects 
  • Build a Threat Model based on an architecture model 
  • Set the right scope for a security analysis 
  • Identify possible Threats per Component and Communication being part of the Threat Model 
  • Find, prioritize and plan appropriate countermeasures for threat mitigation 

Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your skills, protect your assets, and pioneer the future of technology.

Are you ready to take flight with Daedalus 2.0?


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Threat Modeling