Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Boche

Research Topics

Theory of Wireless Networks

  • Network Information Theory, Network Coding
  • Queueing Theory
  • QoS-Tradeoff in Wireless Networks
  • Scheduling, Routing, Resource Allocation
  • Fairness Theory
  • Complexity
  • Ultra Wideband Systems
  • Multiantenna Systems
  • Multi-Carrier Systems
  • Feedback Design in Wireless Networks

Applied Mathematics

  • Probability theory, Queuing theory
  • Banach Algebra and operator theory
  • Optimization theory, Game theory
  • Complex function theory
  • Factorization theory of matrix functions
  • Quantum Information Theory

Plenary Talks (Selection)

  • WCS 2014
  • WiOpt 2012
  • Strobl11
  • IFIP TC7 Konferenz

Plenary Talks - Details

Technical Report

"Technology Radar Edition III/2010, Feature Paper: Next Generation Mobile Networks -- (R)evolution in Mobile Communications" PD


Field of Interests

  • Combination of Information Theory and Biology
  • Gödels Theorems and Consequences


  • Characterization of short term stability region of multiple access and broadcast channel
  • Delay-limited capacity
  • Complete axiomatic theory of interference balancing in multi-user systems
  • Kullback-Leibler-Distance and Perron root
  • Information theory for operator channels
  • Spectral factorization for Disk Algebra
  • Wiener Filter, Wiener Algebra and BIBO-stability
  • Mapping properties of outer factorization and continuity theory for analytic functions
  • Duality theory of Gaussian MIMO broadcast and multiple access channel
  • Convex supportable QoS-regionInformation theory for UWBFairness theory for resource allocation
  • Rule of inequalities in information theory (A systematical approach to gain central inequalities should be discussed
    -- Duality theory of Gaussian MIMO broadcast and multiple access channel
    -- Kullback-Leibler-Distance and Perron root
    -- Fairness theory for resource allocation
  • Super efficient estimators, super efficient data compression and information theory (You can beat the Cramer-Rao-Bound for parameter sets of Lebesque measure zero)
  • Stability region for Aloa

Project Proposals

(Interested student should contact Prof. H. Boche)

  • Solution of Shannon´s problem of monotonicity of entropy (Lately the problem could be solved positively with a very interesting proof technique. This technique could also be used for other problems and is an challenging topic for advanced and PhD students)