08.05.2023 : The 2nd Q.TOK Workshop

The Q.TOK project will hold the 2nd workshop about Quantum Token with the topic "Selected basics of PUFs-Physical Unclonable Functions". Under Grand Challenge of Quantum Communication (GCQC) research initiative, Q.TOK aims to develop Quantum Token based authentication and secure data storage scheme in collaboration with six hardware projects, DIQTOK, HybridQToken, NEQSIS, Q-ToRX, QPIS and QuaMToMe. The workshop is about the theoretical basis for Quantum Token applications and intends to provide all hardware platform projects theoretical foundation and tools to help their research in viewpoint of information-theoretical fundamentals. The workshop also discusses the criteria with which each hardware project result will be assessed. 

1. Workshop overview 

Topic: Selected basics of PUF, i.e., Physical Unclonable Function

Date: 2023.05.08. MON

Time: 09:20 - 17:20

Place: Technische Universität München, Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München

Rooms: Senatssaal for the meeting and Thomas Mann Konferenzraum for the poster session & lunch.
Senatssaal and Thomas Mann Konferenzraum are located in the TUM hauptgebäude (0510/0501). You may enter the main entrance in Arcisstraße 21 and, upon entering, on your right, find another entrance with a stair. You climb up the stairs and the venues are on the 1st floor.


2. Workshop program  

0920 - 0930: Welcome
0930 - 1030: Poster Session
                     due to sickness, presentation "PUF based authentication" is replaced with the poster session!!
1030 - 1100: Rest & networking
1100 - 1200: Presentation 2 (Quantum PUF)
1200 - 1330: Lunch
1330 - 1430: Presentation 3 (GCQC projects overview)
1430 - 1500: Rest & networking
1500 - 1600: Presentation 4 (Simulation and h/w system description)
1600 – 1620: Rest & networking
1620 - 1720: Presentation 5 (Criteria, discussion & wrap up)


3. Program in detail 

Poster Session (0930-1030) 

Presentation 2 (1100-1200)
- Title: Quantum Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) 
- Presenter by Soham Gosh and Kumar Nilesh) 

Presentation 3 (1330-1430)
- Title: Grand Challenge of Quantum Communication (GCQC) projects overview (Q.TOK, DIQTOK, HybridQToken, Neqsis, QT-RX, Qpis, QuaMToM)
- Presenter: Janis Nötzel (Q.TOK), Kilian Singe (DIQTOK), Alexander Kubanek(HybridQToken), Roman Kolesov(NEQSIS), Janik Wolters(Q-ToRX), Gregor Pieplow(QPIS), Nadezhda Kukharchyk (QuaMToMe)

Presentation 4 (1500-1600)
- Title: Simulation or Hardware System Description 
- Presenter: Simon Sekavčnik or Shahram Dehdashti 

Presentation 5 (1620-1720)
- Title: Criteria for project assessment, discussion & wrap up
- Presenter: Janis Nötzel

4. Poster session  

There will be a poster session in Thomas Mann Koferenzraum, which can accommodate 21 posters. Each project can exhibit 3 posers and if a project didn’t use its quota, the vacancy can be used by other project in a first come first serve basis.   
Poster session will proceed in parallel with the main program. The attendees may participate during the 30 min breakup between the presentations and lunch time.

5. Lunch and dinner   

We’ll provide lunch in Thomas Mann Koferenzraum with catering service (expense covered by the host) and plan a dinner in Park Café (one’s expense covered by oneself.) 


19-23.06. 2023 : Workshop on Entanglement-Assisted Communication Networks (EACN) 2023

With this workshop we provided an opportunity for discussing the role of entanglement as a resource assisting classical communication tasks in future communication networks.


This year, the workshop will be held in Taipei, Taiwan and put a focus on optical information processing technology.

Find more information at http://eacn.eu